“Abyssal”: Tananai has finally released new single


A performance that saw Tananai stand still for hours in the center of Milan, in front of the curious glances of passers-by, anticipated the release of “Abyssal,” an intimate and introspective ballad that promises to be a success.

The wait is over: Tananai has released his new single, “Abyssal“which was preceded by a rather bizarre marketing campaign.

The artist rose to success thanks to his participation in the Sanremo 2022 Festival with “Sex occasional “instead of filling his social feeds with promotional posts that praised the release of “Abyssal” done precisely the opposite by disappearing from Instagram and Twitter to go into hiding for a few days, sparking not a little curiosity about his absence.

During this period of silence, the 27-year-old singer appeared by surprise in front of a shop via Dante in Milan, still and impassive like a statue of salt.

Abyssal: Tananai released new song

Tananai immobile in Milan, “many newspapers have titled, wondering the reason for these sudden antics of the singer, whose videos that immortalized him petrified in the streets of the center became viral on TikTok, arousing not a little curiosity in the fans of the artist who, in the following hours, he then revealed the mystery by announcing the imminent arrival of “Abyssal,” an intimate and introspective ballad where we talk about the melancholy that leaves a relationship that ends in the heart.

A poignant and profound story told by Tananai, whose previous songs (see “Pasta,” “Baby Goddamn,” and the summer hit “La dolce vita, “sung together with Fedez and Mara Sattei, sister of Tha Supreme ) were always based on cheerfulness, fun, and lightheartedness.

Abyssal “out now, I hope it will make you try things,” wrote Tananai on Instagram, who spoke on several occasions about the relationship with his audience and the responsibilities that come from being, by now, a public figure: happy with the success I’m having, but now I have a lot more anxieties.

I feel less well than when I had nothing to lose “, told La Stampa Tananai (whose real name is Alberto Cotta Ramusino), happy for the turning point he managed to give to his career and much more aware of the higher expectations placed in his regards.

“It is difficult to find yourself inside a container that throws you from one side to the other,” continued the singer before concluding: “I am surrounded by yes-men, who always agree with me. But it’s not that overnight I got enlightenment. I wonder: is my life-changing in a way that I will not be able to metabolize into music?”

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