According to gossip, Noemi Bocchi is pregnant, will Francesco Totti be a father now again?

Noemi Bocchi

The latest rumors would like the ex-husband of Ilary Blasi and the new girlfriend expecting a child, but how much is there for it?

Francesco Totti dad again?

Noemi Bocchi is pregnant-

This is the news that is spreading rapidly in the world of gossip after the rumor that Noemi Bocchi is pregnant has begun to circulate in Roman circles .

The indiscretion was launched by Corriere Della Sera , which reports that Totti and Noemi Bocchi may soon have a child .

A scoop that still has to be confirmed or denied and that rekindles the spotlight on the recent separation between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti who, for more than 20 years, have been one of the most loved couples in Italy.

Then here comes the first rumors of a flirtation between the former captain of Roma and Noemi Bocchi , the photos that portrayed them together at the stadium, Ilary ‘s denials about his wedding on the home straight, the publication of a double press release announcing the end of their relationship, the alleged betrayal discovered by the host thanks to her daughter Isabel and her holidays in the Dolomites and those in Sabaudia for him (accompanied by Noemi , who would have rented a house near that of the 45-year-old) , up to the news of the new alleged paternity of Francesco Totti .

Whether it’s just a hoax or yet another rumor to create hype or is there something real underneath it? We’ll see.

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