In the spotlight of photographers Alessandro Basciano proposed Sophie Codegoni

Alessandro Basciano
Alessandro Basciano proposed Sophie Codegoni in Venive

Alessandro Basciano kneels, takes a beautiful ring out of his pocket and, in front of the photographers’ flashes, asks Sophie Codegoni to become his wife.

The marriage proposal arrived in the last few hours on the red carpet in Venice, where Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano were parading in front of the photographers on the occasion of the presentation of The Son, the film directed by Florian Zeller in which also Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern appear and Vanessa Kirby.

Then here comes the unexpected: Alessandro kneels, takes a beautiful ring out of his pocket and, in front of the photographers’ flashes, asks Sophie to become his wife.

Codegoni accepted the proposal and wore the ring given to her by her partner, only nine months after the end of the relationship with Matteo Ranieri (her suitor to Men and Women) and the flirtation with Fabrizio Corona.

Sophie Codegoni shared video, of Alessandro Basciano proposing her at Venice Film Festival 2022, on her Instagram Account.

Alessandro Basciano in a relation with Sophie Codegoni

Although fans of the couple rejoiced over the engagement between Basciano and Codegoni, on Twitter, many turned up their noses at the marriage proposal, including the British editor of GQ, Jack King, who said that such a romantic moment was quiet—jarring with the delicate themes dealt with in The Son.

An Italian influencer made the marriage proposal to his girlfriend on The Son’s red carpet. A dark film about clinical depression“, chirped the journalist, whose tweet received a prompt reply from Alessandro Basciano, who commented with a lapidary:” The proposal is not related to the film “, followed by the emoji of three smileys yawning.

As for Sophie Codegoni, on the other hand, a few hours after the proposal, the influencer published a shot on her Instagram account that showed her with the ring on her finger, happy and radiant Alessandro Basciano and Sophie Codegoni get married.

After meeting on December 17, 2021, under the cameras of Big Brother Vip, love broke out between the former temptation of Temptation Island and the trona of Men and Women, which will soon see the couple get married.

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