Alessia Marcuzzi : Joined her son Tommaso now in London on his convocation

Alessia Marcuzzi

For the occasion, mother Alessia Marcuzzi joined her son in the British capital, accompanied by an exceptional chaperone.

Alessia Marcuzzi is a dedicated and very attentive mother.

Her two children, Tommaso and Mia, are the joys of mother Alessia.

And with her gestures, she tries it again and reconfirms it every time.

She recently took a vacation in London on the occasion of the graduation of Tommaso, her eldest son born from her love with Simone Inzaghi.

Together with her parents and their daughter Mia- born from a relationship with Francesco Facchinetti– the three appeared happy, smiling, and close-knit like never before.

Alessia Marcuzzi and Tommaso, together in London for her degree

Little Tommaso Inzaghi, born from the love between Alessia Marcuzzi and Simone Inzaghi, has grown up: now he is a handsome 21-year- old and has just graduated.

He obtained a prestigious degree from the well-known University of Westminster in London, specializing in the Business of Media.

It seems that his dream of him is to make his way into the City, where it seems he already has an apartment in his name.

For the occasion, mother Alessia joined her son in the British capital, accompanied by an exceptional chaperone.

We are talking about Mia, the youngest daughter born in 2011 in love with Francesco Facchinetti.

All together they celebrated the milestone as a family.

Alessia Marcuzzi shared a post on Instagram with son and daughter in London

Alessia Marcuzzi and Tommaso Inzaghi: happy family

The boy, traditionally dressed in a dark tunic and hat, appears excited by his mother and his little sister.

The photographs, then shared by Alessia on her Instagram profile of her, were taken by Eugenio and Antonietta, Alessia’s parents, present at the ceremony that was held shortly after.

The whole family took a short break in London, and mother Alessia was able to enjoy her firstborn more.

The picture was missing only Simone Inzaghi (now married to Gaia Lucariello) who was probably present but does not appear among the photographs of the day or the holiday.

Another great absentee was Paolo Calabresi Marconi, current companion of the showgirl.

Alessia Marcuzzi and the photos on Instagram with her children

It is not uncommon to see Tommaso and Mia invade Alessia’s IG feed.

And his son’s graduation was a perfect opportunity to publish several shots.

As a model on the streets of London, Alessia showed off several outfits that she promptly shared on social media.

And, the little one from the Alessia Marcuzzi family, Mia, caught everyone’s attention.

It is evident how much Mia resembles her mother, a real drop of water.

And while we wait to see Alessia on TV – she will soon be at the helm of Boomerissima on Rai 2 – we are content with these fleeting videos and shots to admire her in all her splendid form.

Alessia Marcuzzi and her model son

Among the various shots of the ceremony and the holiday, those that portray the two brothers together are very sweet.

They embrace, showing diversity and similarities, and all the love that exists between the two.

In short, Tommaso is a model older brother, not only for Mia but also for Lorenzo and Andrea, sons of his father and Gaia Lucariello.

It seems that Thomas is very attached to all of his brothers, with whom he has a special relationship.

He commutes between Rome and London, the city where he studied and ended his academic career.

His mother defines him on social media as, “The cutest of all” and calls him jokingly and affectionately Tommy boy. Tommaso also has a girlfriend, who could be Sole Sconciaforni – the 21-year-old daughter of entrepreneur Enrico Maria Sconciaforni co-founder of the Subdued brand.

But the two never confirmed the relationship.

Alessia Marcuzzi today: she dedicates herself to her children and returns to TV

After a year of hiatus from her career, Alessia returns to seek new horizons on TV.

In recent months she has allowed herself a well-deserved break, carving out time for the children and the little things.

And when they ask her the reason for this interruption, she answers today’s questions: “Each of us, if he can, must stop when he no longer recognizes himself in the projects that he is facing. For me, work is sacred: it must be respected and honored. Reflecting is to comprehend where you desire to move. It is a question of intellectual honesty. And of correctness towards oneself.”

But this period was not a waste of time, on the contrary, Alessia had the opportunity to indulge in some small whim. But what exactly did he do?

“As a film lover, full of films. And with my daughter, we devoured the TV series. Watching Stranger Things last season together was like traveling through time, I had to explain a lot of things from my 90s to her. I am a lucky woman, full of affection and interest. I have a family that I adore and that commits me a lot, a group of dear friends to whom I can dedicate my time. It is an entrepreneurial activity important, which absorbs a large part of my days.”

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