Alexander Molochnikov talks about short-term wedding with Barnabas

Alexander Molochnikov
Alexander Molochnikov

The official marriage of Barnabas and Alexander Molochnikov lasted only a few weeks. The couple planned to leave and become parents for the first time.

A few months ago, there were rumors that director Alexander Molochnikov and actress Ekaterina Varnava broke up.

However, then celebrities did not comment on this information.

And now Molochnikov told journalist Yuri Dudya (recognized as a foreign agent, approx. about his personal life.

The director stated that they are no longer together with Barnabas.

Recently, Alexander Molochnikov became a guest on the popular show Yuri Dudya (by the decision of the Ministry of Justice, he was included in the list of foreign media agents).

The director talked a lot about the theater in Russia, and relations with colleagues and authorities, he did not bypass the sensational break with Ekaterina Varnava.

Celebrities were together for two years and even managed to secretly marry.

Alexander Molochnikov said that they decided to get married very spontaneously.

Alexander Molochnikov frankly spoke about break up with Catherine

In early March, right during one of the performances, Catherine, sitting in the dressing room, suddenly said that it would be nice to formalize the relationship. Alexander Molochnikov immediately agreed.

A few days later, the lovers ended up in one small and far from the most popular registry office in the capital.

There, to the sounds of Mendelssohn‘s march, they solemnly became husband and wife.

Throughout the ceremony, according to Molochnikov, the newly-made spouses laughed non-stop.

The plans for the future of the stars were truly Napoleonic.

Molochnikov and Barnabas wanted to go to the USA together and have children.

They planned to leave Russia in the fall.

With a spouse who is an American citizen, the actress would easily have received a residence permit.

However, family happiness lasted only a few weeks.

Soon a completely unplanned divorce broke out.

The shortest wedding. It was extremely disappointing. Sadly, it happened,” Molochnikov now talks about his experience.

The young director did not name the reason for the breakup.

He explained that there was no specific reason for the separation;

“something reached a dead end.” Molochnikov did not appear at the court hearings regarding the divorce, but he is almost sure that the marriage was terminated “automatically.”

“Katya and I have a close relationship. None of us are shit. I certainly made some mistakes for which I am ashamed, but it seems to me that we parted mutually.”

Alexander Molochnikov

The director added that this relationship gave him a lot and now he is happy that he has maintained a closeness with Barnabas.

True, with the birth of the heirs, the screenwriter decided to wait for the time being.

He does not want to pause his career, and raising children takes a lot of time.

Nevertheless, a few months ago, the question of procreation in marriage with Barnabas was seriously discussed.

“She wanted a child, for a long time. That was the plan. When we got together, after a few months we had this idea, and we both got very excited about it. She somehow kept us together. It somehow looked cool.”


According to him, the actress was ready to suspend her career for some time to move to the States and have a baby.

As the child grows older, the Comedy Woman star could go to work in Moscow, her ex-husband specified. But this was not fated to occur.

Now Molochnikov lives in the USA, while Barnabas remains in Moscow.

After the break, the actress again took up her appearance. This time she decided to correct her bite.

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