Alice Campello has revealed the name of the first daughter she is going to have from Alvaro Morata

Alice Campello Álvaro Morata

The 27-year-old influencer [Alice Campello] is expecting a girl after the birth of her three sons Leonardo, Edoardo and Alessandro

Alice Campello has unveiled on Instagram the name that she and her partner Alvaro Morata have chosen for their first daughter after three boys (i.e. Leonardo, Edoardo and Alessandro). 

Alice Campello is currently in her sixth month of pregnancy and the baby is expected to be born in January 2023.

Alice Campello reveals the name of the first daughter with Álvaro Morata

Although there is still a little time left for the happy event, the 27-year-old from Mestre and the Spanish footballer have decided to make known the name of the fourth child during a Q&A with fans, where Campello has revealed that the daughter will be called Bella Morata Campello .

Álvaro Morata and Alice Campello

In fact, a few weeks before revealing the name of her daughter, Morata ‘s wife (who celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with the footballer on July 5 ) had revealed that if she was expecting a boy, she and Alvaro would have called him Federico or Santiago, while instead if it had been a girl they would have chosen between Lia, Bella and Vittoria (just like Chiara Ferragni ‘s daughter ).

During his chat with the followers, the influencer also revealed some more details about her pregnancy, telling of having had to abandon physical activity as a victim of nausea and a widespread malaise that does not allow her to live everyday life as he would.

“What if I’m training? Impossible, I’m always sick », said Alice Campello who, due to her forced stop, she is enjoying these months in absolute relaxation with the rest of the family.

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