Alice Pagani and her boyfriend Dustin Phil celebrate the first year together

Alice Pagani

First social anniversary for the actress of “Baby” and the Lombard DJ

Alice Pagani: A dinner for two on the beach at sunset surrounded by the soft light of candles and pampered by sweet background music and the hypnotic sound of the sea.

This is how Alice Pagani and her boyfriend Filippo , known in the world of clubbing as Dustin Phil , celebrated a year of love .

The Baby actress Alice Pagani has decided to share her first anniversary photos with her 2.3 million followers, making their relationship official on Instagram.

But who is the sky-blue-eyed DJ who has occupied Ophelia Millais ‘ heart for 12 months ?

Alice Pagani jealously guarded her new love story

To date, no interview or public declaration of love other than a few social clues here and there, like the post last April with which the actress shouted to the whole world #freeukraine through a graphic-tee.

Beside him on that occasion, Filippo, who “lent” himself to a passionate kiss on a black and white passport photo, symbol of a shared activism.

The post of the first 12 years together won the likes of Asia Argento and Carlo Mengucci and the best wishes of father Fabrizio Pagani (“Best wishes for a year together of love to Alice Pagani and Filippo, don’t make me become a grandfather immediately”, comments the father of the actress who in the IG feed boasts a photo with her “son-in-law”).

The anniversary spent at the Bagni Piné in Cupra Marittima, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, the birthplace of the Non Mi Uccidere star linked in the past to Dylan Thomas Cerulli, the Dark Pyrex trapper, and the desire not to hide anymore.

But who is Filippo aka Dustin Phil? 30 years old, born and raised on Lake Garda, Dustin is a well-known DJ in the Italian underground club scene.

Founder together with the duo Sound Shapes of Shamana Records, he is resident DJ of the infamous London Loves at Plastic in Milan and of the Volt Club, also in the Lombard capital.

His set is a mix of detroit techno, deep and tech house and is highly regarded in the industry.

This summer he is on tour up and down Italy (on August 2nd he played at The Sanctuary in Porto Cervo and on the 14th he will be at the Settepuntonove in Porto San Giorgio in the province of Fermo ed ): a busy schedule that includes just a break from dedicate to a special person Alice Pagani on a special day.

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