Amazon Wants To Make A God Of War TV Show

God Of War

Deadline is reporting that Amazon is currently in talks to turn PlayStation series God of War into a television series.

 While neither Sony nor Amazon were able/willing to confirm the news outside of an official announcement,

 Deadline`s report says the show will be overseen by

“The Expanse creators/executive producers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and The Wheel of Time executive producer/showrunner Rafe Judkins”,

 Meanwhile there will also be input from “Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions, which collaborate on all TV series based on PlayStation games.”

  There have a ton of God of War games released over the last 17 years,

 I`d assume any TV series based on the games in the year 2022 would be taking most of its creative cues—at least in terms of presentation and tone—from the 2018 game and its upcoming sequel.

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 The deal, if it does indeed make it into production, would mark the latest entry into what`s turning into a gold rush for video gametoTV adaptations,

Which has seen other PlayStation series like The Last Of Us (HBO) and Twisted Metal (also Amazon) picked up,

The former now well and truly underway,  having been filming since 2021.

Then there`s Mass Effect (also Amazon), Resident Evil (Netflix) and Fallout (again, Amazon), not to mention Paramount`s big Halo series, which debuts later this month.

 And that`s just the TV shows! We got the Un-charted movie last month, and Netflix is hoping to make a Bio-Shock film sometime in the future as well.

It’s not hard to understand why publishers, film and TV studios are now jumping into video games.

As books and recent cartoons suggest, adaptations can be safe money because they garner a lot of followers,

and many of these video games have their own unique and engaging stories that either have large fan bases or  are perfect for younger fans screen.

 Perhaps it helped the Witcher’s success  on Netflix.

To be fair, I got more exposure in The Witcher 3 than in the book series.

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