Amber Heard confesses to millions of lies in court for $100 million

Amber Heard

Amber Heard repeatedly claimed to have donated all her divorce money – even in court. Now she admits the lie.

After a break, the court battle between Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp (58) and ex-wife Amber Heard (36) continues.

The actor accuses Heard of portraying himself as a victim of domestic violence and thus ruining his career. He demands $50 million from her. 

Amber has counter-claimed that Depp is portraying her as a liar. She wants $100 million .

She tearfully testifies in court. Johnny Depp denies the allegations.

The ex-couple gets into a wild court battle.

In the last few weeks, wild details about sexual violence , drug excesses and threats have been circulating.

Now something else is causing a stir and that could be Amber Heard’s undoing: Yesterday the 36-year-old admitted that she had not fully donated her divorce money.

Previously, she had repeatedly emphasized publicly that she had done this – even in court under oath in 2020!

Amber Heard wants to keep promises

After the divorce from Johnny Depp , Amber Heard received seven million US dollars . She had announced that she wanted to donate the money to two different organizations.

Originally, a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) were each set to receive $3.5 million from Heard. According to the organization, not even half of the promised amount has been received by the ACLU to date.

Brazen: Amber Heard blames her ex for the lack of donations . “Johnny sued me for $ 50 million in March 2019 ,” she said yesterday. “I intend to keep my promise. If he stopped suing me, I could finally do that.”

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