Ambra Angiolini talks about Allegri: “I did a year of therapy after my last ex”

Ambra Angiolini
Ambra Angiolini

Ambra Angiolini herself said it to X Factor, clearing the psychotherapy on TV that never hurts and why not, not sparing a good thrust to her ex.

“The zero-day exists for everyone, it’s a moment in which you don’t win, you don’t lose, but you start again”: the words of Ambra Angiolini after the end of the relationship with Massimiliano Allegri invaded the social networks and became a motto of rebirth, one of those motivational phrases so accomplished that it can instill hope even in the darkest moments.

She seems to have treasured it and maybe her heart is beating again, but she’s too early to say it out loud.

A difficult recovery path in which the actress was supported by a specialist.

During the last appointment with the auditions of X Factor 2022, broadcast yesterday 29 September, space also for Samuel, a Bolognese competitor of Ghanaian origins who immediately revealed his interest in the talent judge led by Francesca Michielin.

After the performance of her “Riso col polo”, the actress of Saturno Contro went up on stage to greet the suitor.

Ambra Angiolini’s remarks about Allegri

“If you hadn’t done 12 months of psychotherapy seeing the last ex, you would definitely be next”, said Ambra between the roar of the audience and the smiles of the other judges, “but today thanks to you, Rice with chicken, I meant to my psychotherapist that I am cured.

A joke between the serious and the facetious that hides a sacrosanct truth.

Because the end of the story with Max Allegri after four years together was anything but easy.

The news in all the newspapers, the rumors of his betrayal, and then the tapir delivered by Staffelli that was supposed to make people laugh, but on balance it didn’t make anyone laugh.

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And then the defense of his daughter Jolanda who was able to highlight the shadows of a media theater against a woman who found herself mocked on TV for an immediate betrayal.

“But is it really necessary to rage,” the 18-year-old wondered, “because she trusted the person she was with and with whom she shared 4 years of her life?

And even if this person turned out to be different in the end, is it the fault of who she trusts or whom she cheats? 

Who knows if in these 12 months Ambra has managed to give herself an answer?

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