Ambra, with other X Factor stars retaking stage now


The return of the program X Factor on Sky Uno gave a pre-pandemic vision that we all needed, with Francesca Michielin, Ambra and Paola di Benedetto taking the stage with their professionalism. And an exceptional guest.

The live shows of X Factor have begun. A dream, indeed, the dream of twelve artists who, since the boot camps, have bewitched judges and the public.

And yesterday, during the first episode of the live shows, they gave vent to all their passion, creativity and talent.

X Factor is once again an engaging show that has not been seen for at least two years: with surprising lights and sets embraced by an audience free to move, sing, shout and show every emotion on a face that is no longer covered.

Thus the format does not change; it remains or returns to its pre-pandemic purity by colouring the living rooms of the Italians. Unforeseen magic took place on the stage of the Repower theatre in Milan.

X Factor marks a new beginning, or rather, a return to origins with the original format, without changes.

The program has found its most authentic soul two years after the pandemic and following a transitional edition.

To excite us was the opening with a Francesca Michielin who, then, shone for the next three hours of running.

She is the novelty, the new hostess. Despite the debut and the anxiety of the first episode, the presenter has shown that she is in the right place and role.

A voice out of the chorus capable of representing the generations who made that stage a haven for about two minutes last night.

And with her Lei “be kind, regal” reminded us that, one, the haters are no longer in fashion and, two, that we need a little unbuttoned conductor able to talk on TV with the simplicity of daily.

The judges and competitors of X Factor 2022

To open the evening, there were the little men of the roster of Fedez, an indispensable figure among the judges to break the tension of the first time.

His seriousness, and rigour, immediately led to a heated debate between the counter (where a bit of rock’n’roll is missing), especially with colleagues Dargen D’Amico and Romi.

The first is straightforward, with subtle jokes ready to answer full of self-quotations, the second more held back by a shyness combined with noise and emotion.

Ambra also swam very well; at the end of the episode, they had to say goodbye to Matteo Siffredi – eliminated during the clash with Lucrezia- a competitor who, perhaps of all, was able to courageously take a piece and separate it without destroying it.

Dadà, Linda, Santi Francesi and Tropea are the competitors who most distinguished themselves in this first episode, interspersed with incredible guests.

First, Elisa, accompanied on the piano by Stardust and a string quintet, managed to excite and simultaneously make the audience dance. Again, Stardust is out today with her new album Duality.

The women of X Factor 2022
Francesca Michielin, Paola di Benedetto, Ambra, Elisa (in command of the ante Factor and Hot Factor).

The women of the first X Factor episode become the reference figures for those at home. Who dreams of the gift of versatility on stage, which humanity, who succeeds and who, the right path to take in years in which it is difficult to know how to get back on one’s feet.

First episode of X Factor 2022 is a new start. Chameleon, in recent years, the program has been able to restore itself and amaze (even though many asked for news besides the names of the host and the judges).

It is no coincidence that the central theme of the next episode is MTV Generation.

The dream of the past no longer exists for us that it is enough to combine beautiful music, without too many constructs, with TV to create a quality product, which has remained a guarantee for 16 years.

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