Amid US Warnings; Ukraine invasion could come ‘any day’

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine “can happen at any time.” US officials said Russian President Vladimir Putin had gathered 70% of the firepower needed for an all-out attack.

 “We are at a window where anything can happen. “Military escalation and invasion of Ukraine can happen at any time,” Sullivan told NBC News’ Meet The Press on Sunday.

 We believe  the Russians have built capacity for major military operations in  Ukraine, and we are working hard to prepare them for a response.”

 He annexed the Donbas territories in  eastern Ukraine where Russia supports pro-separatist militia and destabilizes the Kiev government.

He said an invasion could take “a variety of forms,” including launching a cyberattack for the purpose of the attack. According to Sullivan, the Russian attack potential could also be all-out.

 “One of the reasons we have worked so hard over the past few months is one Not only to be prepared for contingency, but also to prepare for any contingency  and  work with our allies and partners to find out what the answer will be in each case, Sullivan told host Chuck Todd.

 “We have close ties with our allies and believe that we have  the same repercussions for other forms of pressure with serious economic consequences and aggression and expansion on Russia.

Ukraine,” he said. An invasion, defined as the movement of Russian tanks or troops across borders,

 Sullivan said would result in “serious economic sanctions” on  Russia and flooding of the Nord Stream 2  gas pipeline. Between Moscow and Germany.

 “If Russia invades Ukraine in any way, Nord Stream 2 will not budge. And Russia understands this. We are coordinating this with our allies  and this will become a reality if Russia decides to move forward,” he said.

 The Biden administration says that pipelines running under the Baltic Sea could be used as leverage against Russia, despite President Biden’s decision again in May to lift sanctions on companies involved in  construction  because the project is “nearly complete”. said there is

 Putin outlined a number of security issues requiring the consent of the United States and European allies, along with the deployment of more than 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border.

 He wants to ban Ukraine and other former Soviet satellite states  from joining NATO, withdraw US and NATO troops from Eastern Europe, and assure us that the US will not deploy troops or missile systems in Ukraine.

 Sullivan reiterated that while the issue of banning Ukraine from joining NATO  is not being discussed, other issues may arise in the course of diplomatic negotiations.

 “We are prepared to discuss issues of mutual interest in the field of European security with Russia, with NATO allies  and other partners in Europe,” said Sullivan. “Yes, this includes the deployment of missiles of a certain range.

This includes transparency in military training. This includes a greater ability to build trust and  avoid accidents that can escalate or miscalculate.

 Referring to the US’ written response to Putin’s request last month, he said: “We have put all this in a document sent to Russia after careful consultation with our allies.”

 “But what we’re not ready to negotiate is a fundamental security principle that includes opening the  door to NATO for countries that can meet their needs,” he said.

 Sullivan’s arrival comes following warnings from US officials  that Putin has amassed about 70% of the military force needed to launch an attack and that he will be able to do so from mid-February. With an estimated

  civilian casualties of 50,000, the attack will set off a refugee crisis in Europe.

 If Putin rejects a diplomatic solution and attacks, Russia will also suffer, Sullivan said.

 Sullivan told Fox News: “If a war breaks out, Ukraine will suffer a huge loss of life, but we believe that Russia will also suffer strategic losses according to our preparations and responses.” Sunday.”