Ana De Armas: Fame affecting her personal life

Ana De Armas
Ana De Armas

Ana De Armas does not want her name to be remembered for her much-talked-about story with Ben Affleck but for her acting career.

Ana De Armas, over the last few years, has been acting in many successful films such as Knock knock with Keanu Reeves, The gray man with Ryan Gosling and No time to die, the last film that saw Daniel Craig in the role of 007.

The protagonist of Blonde, where Ana played the role of Marilyn Monroe to perfection, was linked to the actor from March 2020 to January 2021, when the news was spread that the couple had broken up because De Armas no longer wanted to live in Los Angeles, where her home was constantly besieged by paparazzi, eager for some new shots alongside Ben, in Jennifer Lopez’s new husband.

Gossips about Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck

Life in the spotlight for De Armas, who then experienced media pressure also on the set of the film Blonde, where his Marilyn is often shown under siege by photographers, which led the actress to a profound reflection on how much she often felt insecure and unsafe at the time of her relationship with Affleck.

“I’ve never been someone who wants to get noticed for things outside of my job,” the star told Variety, revealing how the sudden interest in gossip took her by surprise.

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“When it is upsetting, it seems unmannered, unsuitable and very dangerous, since in this country it is not possible to find shelter. I don’t know how you can prevent this from happening, unless one goes away, ” continued the star who, after breaking up with her colleague from Deep Waters, moved to New York in attempt to keep herself.

Away from the paparazzi, who, continued to dig into her private life, breaking Ana’s dream (that is, to live a normal life) in an instant.

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