Ana María Aldón has information to sink Ortega Cano in Spain

José OrtegaCcano
16/04/2020 Ortega Cano y Ana María Aldón, en una foto de archivo de Europa Press SOCIEDAD ÁNGEL DÍAZ BRIÑAS

Threat from Gema Aldón, daughter of Ana María Aldón, about everything they know at home

Ana María Aldón has had no problems when it comes to talking about her relationship with José Ortega Cano and some of the problems that the former collaborator of ‘Viva la vida‘ and the former bullfighter have had.

Interventions that might not have ended.

Some media have pointed out in recent days that Ana María Aldón would even have an exclusive with a magazine to continue airing the couple’s problems.

And be careful, because what Ana María Aldón tells is not all she knows.

That is what emerges from what her daughter, Gema Aldón , has said on social networks.

Gema, whom we already saw in the ‘Deluxe’, has now intervened on social networks, where she has slipped that she knows much more than she tells.

Information that, of course, she also knows Ana María and that, judging by the tone, could sink Ortega Cano .

Gema Aldón knows first-hand information about José Ortega Cano

“I could have spoken what is not in the writings”, assured Gema Aldón for all her followers.

“My mother has always been by her husband’s side, even when she was in jail.

That we left to be with him in Zaragoza .

I and she. I repeat, me and her, ”she added, making it clear that she has been a front-row spectator of everything that has happened between them in recent years.

Likewise, the daughter of Ana María Aldón also spoke about her mother.

“My mother goes little by little. She is recovering and little by little she is getting better. She already at least has her networks again and she is on Instagram , “Commented Gema, confirming that her mother is better after quite complicated last few months.

In another order, Aldón acknowledged that she had been called to participate in ” Nightmare in Paradise ” with Gloria Camila , but that she had rejected the offer. In any case, she would lend herself to participate in ‘ Survivors’ as her mother.

“I have seen each and every one of the editions and I would like that. I would love to, really. But… I also have problems and I have to solve a number of things before going to a site like this, ”she pointed out.

Ana María Aldón
Ana María Aldón | LivNews24

Offers to participate in ‘Survivors’
Some problems that, as Gema revealed , have to do with food:

“I have food problems and you can’t go to the island with this series of problems. Right now I don’t feel very comfortable talking about my problems, I guess it’s a process and when I feel more confident I’ll talk about it. I had a stage in my life in which I didn’t feel good about myself, I felt bad and… At the moment, I don’t feel comfortable telling it, I hope to regain my self-confidence and be able to continue doing things that I didn’t do before.”

Although among his goals is not living from the media and participating in reality shows: “My goal is to open my own funeral home, my life is not what many want to paint as ‘I’m sure he’s still talking, he wants to go to a reality show’. No daughter, no. If I wanted to go to a reality show in ten years they have offered me countless things.

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