It’s already known what Ana María Aldón has won talking about Ortega Cano

Ana María Aldón

Ana María Aldón has earned a very good living pumping information about the former bullfighter

Gloria Camila was one of the protagonists last weekend in the new Telecinco program ‘Ya es Verano’, which has come to replace the extinct ‘Viva la vida’ by Emma García .

The daughter of Rocío Jurado and José Ortega Cano went to the Mediaset program to, above all, review the news that concerns her father and her wife, Ana María Aldón .

From the outset, Gloria denied the information revealed by Carmen Borrego , who said that Ortega Cano had put the family home in his name.

In addition, she lamented the treatment that she is giving her family from various media.

And she also warned that she would put the threatening message she had received from Gema , Ana María Aldón ‘s daughter, in the hands of her lawyer .

Rocío Jurado
Rocío Jurado | LivNews24

Ana María Aldón would have won about 100,000 euros talking about Ortega Cano

An Ana María Aldón around whom a good part of the conversation revolved.

He regretted how he is behaving with her father, that he has not been able to talk to her after he learned that he was undergoing psychological treatment.

Still, he wished her a speedy recovery.

“I am glad that you have taken action on the matter because a professional helps a lot. I feel sorry for Ana, I love her. It is that she does not stop loving a person because of what she can go through, ”said Gloria about Ana María Aldón .

“I am also undergoing treatment and from here I send all my support to Ana in her recovery. I hope everything passes, ”she added.

In any case, Gloria did not want to talk about the meeting she had with Ana María Aldón at her family home a few days ago.

“I don’t want to go in there,” she settled.

And it is that she prefers not to criticize her father’s partner.

She considers that she is the one who should give explanations.

Something that when she has been interested, she has done publicly to pocket a few euros.

And it is that there are media such as ABC that place the figures of what she has earned talking about her relationship with Ortega Cano at 100,000 euros.

Gloria Camila asks for respect for her father
An Ortega Cano for whom Gloria Camila asked the media for respect.

The former bullfighter’s health has her worried and she doesn’t want him to keep poking at the wound.

“The one who worries me now is my father. And he is something that affects me a lot emotionally, ”said the influencer.

“He is a wonderful person. I have always said that he is my pillar. She is having a hard time lately. He would ask for a little more affection and softness when playing the songs, “said Gloria .

“He is a person who is in poor health and is a vulnerable person. I try not to give him more trouble and not to make things bigger. He doesn’t suit her. He gets upset, he gets very nervous and for anything he explodes, “she insisted.

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