It is worrying to see Ana María Aldón in “shocking” state on the streets of Costa Ballena now

Ana María Aldón

The still wife of José Ortega Cano, Ana María Aldón, caught in a “shocking” state

Ana María Aldón is already in Madrid .

The former collaborator of ‘ Viva la vida ‘ could be preparing for a bomb that, according to several sources, could explode at any moment.

It is said on many fronts that Ana María and José Ortega Cano would be about to announce their separation.

And that they would do it through an exclusive, upon payment of 70,000 euros.

Before that, Ana María Aldón spent a few days at her apartment in Costa Ballena , where she spent a few days with her son.

The designer is down, but the truth is that she does not stop.

From Madrid to Cádiz , then back to the capital, later to Costa Ballena and now back to Madrid .

Could it be that Ana María Aldón can’t find the place to “clarify her ideas”, as people around her say that she is doing.

Ana María Aldón in a “shocking” state in Costa Ballena

Be that as it may, Ana María is one of the targets of many media outlets and, above all, of Telecinco’s heart program, ‘Sálvame’.

In the afternoon space of the ‘friendly chain’ they have even hired José Antonio Avilés so that, among other things, he tells all the war stories he knows about the relationship between Aldón and Ortega Cano .

And it is that Avilés had her as her partner in ‘ Viva la vida’ , with which, this time yes, something should be known.

However, it was Omar Suárez who got the first first-hand exclusive.

Anabel Pantoja ‘s ex has been guarding the shopping center where he knows Aldón goes when he is in Costa Ballena .

And he finally found her. However, the state in which he saw her left him seriously worried.

“It has impacted me. I know Ana María and I know what I’m talking about. Her condition shocked me. I have seen her very weak, weak. It was hard for him to even focus”, declared Omar after speaking with her.

Anabel Pantoja
Anabel Pantoja | LivNews24

“He walks very slowly. I have told him and he has told me that he goes to the specialists, that he has to go and that he has his things…”, added Suárez , to whom Aldón would have made it clear that he will speak “whenever he wants” and that he will do so “if he wants”.

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