Ana Millán : From working with Ernesto Sevilla, now satlling in Australia for a living

Ana Millán

One of the usual faces of the small and the big screen Ana Millán,leaves Spain to go to the other side of the world

Ana Millán , a regular at the Goya Awards galas , is in Australia , where she is improving her language training.

A radical turn in her life that is allowing her to broaden experiences.

A disconnection and a change of scenery that she needed.

One of the most charismatic series on television is ‘ Camera Café‘ , which was a hit between 2005 and 2009 .

So much so that a film directed by Ernesto Sevilla was even released in 2021 .

A tape that could not miss one of the most characteristic faces of the series, Ana Millán .

Ana Millán escapes her comfort zone and goes to Australia

It has been Ana Millán herself who has made it known on social networks.

“It’s a strange feeling to go back to class, to go on excursions, to belong to a group that you don’t know at all but who suddenly become your travel companions. If there is such a thing as leaving the comfort zone, this is it without a doubt. Nothing known. All to know. I am really excited … ”, writes the artist on her social networks.

“I have been teaching several colleagues where Spain is and several have told me that above all they know La Casa de Papel . I wrote this to you sitting in the botanical garden, an oasis in the middle of the city. An oriental lady asked me if she wanted a photo, I said yes and then I said: -Thank you, madam. To which I think she answered me that she was nothing, that we are the same age. We didn’t have it. I think. At least for a few months,”

Ana Millán

Learning languages ​​on the other side of the world
Ana Millán has worked in series such as the aforementioned ‘ Camera Café’ , ‘ Compañeros’ , ‘ Physics or Chemistry’ , ‘ Paquita Salas’ or ‘ Veneno’ , and also in films such as ‘ Derailed’ or ‘ And they will all burn’ .

She has even voiced one of the characters from ‘ Toy Story 3‘ .

A stage that has been momentarily left behind to live new experiences and seek life on the other side of the world.

“I just finished the entrance test. On the first day of class I have met many classmates, many of those Japanese, who are very kind, very polite. The people at the school are lovely, I’m a little stunned, ”she wrote in a publication in the stories of her Instagram account Of him.

“I came in a free time to have a coffee and don’t ask me why, but I ended up ordering a crab burger. I’m in Sydney and anything goes,” she noted in another.

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