Anabel Pantoja: From looking for baby names to confessing to her friend Belén Esteban that she will not be a mother

Anabel Pantoja

This Telecinco talk show host changes Anabel Pantoja’s mind like someone who changes her shirt

Going through ‘ Survivors ‘ changes the contestants.

Both physically and in his way of thinking.

And that is what has happened to Anabel Pantoja .

Isabel Pantoja ‘s niece has gone from looking for men to have a baby to openly confessing to those close to her and to the media that she is not in the business of having children.

She doesn’t want to be a mother.

At least for the moment.

Anabel Pantoja has recognized on numerous occasions that she wanted to be a mother.

She has never hidden that maternal streak or her desire to have children.

And not too late, because she was afraid the rice would overdo it.

Anabel Pantoja said that she would be a mother at any moment.

She was even looking for names while she was in Honduras.

Anabel Pantoja postpones her plans to become a mother

He had the opportunity with Omar Sánchez , but he preferred to wait.

And then Yulen Pereira appeared , with whom she became intimate in Honduras , after which her desire to be her mother increased.

However, after returning to Spain, things have changed.

She now she doesn’t want to have babies anymore.

And much less with Yulen , whom she prefers to get to know more in depth before taking any step.

Anabel openly acknowledges this, both to her closest Telecinco colleagues such as Belén Esteban and in a recent interview for Lecturas magazine.

“She was very bored and wanted to look up names because she didn’t know what to talk about anymore,” the pantojita begins.

Anabel Pantoja
Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez | LivNews24

“There many colleagues start talking to you about children and nephews and I thought about that about the fact that I was running out of rice,” she adds.

He prefers to know Yulen in depth and enjoy life
However, now his thoughts have changed.

She has other plans that have nothing to do with being a mother at least for now.

“At some point in my life I would like to be a mother,” but not now.

Because his mind is now set on meeting Yulen and, above all, having a good time, as well as enhancing his facet as an influencer.

And it is that little by little she is increasing her number of followers on social networks, where she is becoming more and more noticeable.

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