Testimonies dismantle Anabel Pantoja with unspeakable secrets

Anabel Pantoja

Yulen and Anabel Pantoja enjoy a vacation in Egypt

Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira lived their adventure in Honduras intensely, so much so that they came to feel something for each other.

They were willing to give themselves a chance after meeting again in Spain and so it has been.

The couple has enjoyed their first vacation together.

As you can see on their social networks, they are in Egypt , but this escapade of some lovebirds could end in crisis.

This romance could have the hours numbered after the enigmatic message that Anabel Pantoja has shared on her Instagram profile, where she has more than two million followers.

Anabel Pantoja’s last words would cast doubt on the continuity of her courtship with the fencer.

“And then she fell in love with loneliness and many could not live up to her”, can be read in the profile of the collaborator of ‘Sálvame‘.

Her followers have not been slow to draw conclusions about this message.

Anabel Pantoja’s message that sentences her relationship with Yulen

Some believe that he misses Omar Sánchez, while others think that he needs time to meet again.

Precisely, some of his last statements in Honduras agree with this theory.

“I have found what is most important to me. I have overcome loneliness, I want to be alone. Also to be with my family and with everyone, but I want to spend moments alone, to recover my life, to place myself at some point and start a new life from scratch, ”he said at the time.

This romance has many obstacles, and it is that Yulen’s family does not look favorably on Anabel Pantoja.

“I respect what each one does as long as they respect me. I will always do it as long as nobody goes overboard with me”, she warned.

Isabel Pantoja would not agree with this idyll either, according to Rafa Mora.

The collaborators of ‘Sálvame’ do not see a future between them either.

Yulen’s surprising change

‘Save me’ is taking care of blowing up this relationship.

The program contacted the doorman of a nightclub and did not speak very well of the fencer, who frequented that place a lot.

“He was a gulf .” First, he explained that ” he came here a lot (…). He was fooling around with all my friends and with me too”.

He took advantage of outings to flirt.

A witness confirms that “in Survivors it has lasted because he has approached the flame that warms the most. He is with Anabel, but he is, because of his last name. He likes more young girls.”

His friends have also been very disappointed with his attitude.

“He used to make music and the people he made music with no longer hang out with him. We saw him in passing, he didn’t come to say hello. The world of celebrities is very bad, it changes you. He used to be very humble and no longer Say hello like before.” He also added that “he was very naughty, he said that he was an elite athlete, that he was a fencing athlete, so he took them all to the streets.”

Anabel Pantoja
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