And Just Like That: Images of crazy dressing from the set of season 2

And Just Like That 2

The images from the scene show us crazy and incredible clothes that reveal some advances in the second season of the Sex And The City sequel.

Since the set of And Just Like That has reopened its doors, advances regarding the second season of the TV series sequel to Sex And The City are now on the agenda.

After discovering the return of John Corbett as Aidan Shaw as a probable “new” love interest for Carrie Bradshaw and having a peek at the first looks that will be sported by the cast of And Just Like That, in the past few hours are appeared some new photos “stolen” from the set of the TV series streaming on Now showing Kristin and Nicole Ari Parker wearing decidedly eccentric clothes that could not go unnoticed.

Parker was seen exiting a Park Avenue apartment sporting a gorgeous red Valentino dress with a long train that turned out to be a reinterpretation of one of the most iconic compositions.

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Pictures from the set of ‘And Just Like That 2’

And the impact was presented this summer during the Valentino PP Pink fashion show.

A decidedly striking look sported by the actress who immediately made Just Like That fan’s dream, eager to find out in which scene this dress will be used, which, according to many, could see Lisa, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte struggling with a red carpet of the Met Gala 2023.

This a hypothesis that would seem to be rather unlikely given that next year’s event will be dedicated to the late Karl Lagerfeld, so the fact that Parker shows off a Valentino look seems to interrupt this fascinating and improbable hypothesis in the bud made even more unlikely by the bizarre Charlotte’s face.

The character played by Davis, having stopped the Chanel sheath dresses and bon ton dresses, opted for a much more showy coloured striped skirt (complete with a tour on the back that feels a bit old west) combined with a structured fuchsia jacket, a leather corset and a small black top hat complete with a net.

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Ok, all this is too much, especially for a character like the one played by Kristin Davis.

In all seven seasons of Sex And The City (as well as in the two films based on the TV series), she has never had a fall in style, especially as regards his wardrobe, which is always very well-balanced and refined.

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What if the two friends went to the Met Gala but not next year’s but last year, whose theme for 2022 was Gilded Glamor?

In And Just Like That two we go back in time thanks to the trick of some flashbacks to show something that we would not otherwise see and that, perhaps, can act as a glue with what happens in the present.

Could it be thanks to the Met that Carrie and Aidan found each other after that brief meeting in Abu Dhabi that we witnessed in the second film of Sex And The City?

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