“And Just Like That 2”: Sarah Jessica shared the first picture on the set

"And Just Like That 2"

“And Just Like That 2,” the sequel to “Sex and the City,” has officially reopened its doors by filming the first episodes.

The set of the sequel TV series of Sex and the city had reopened its doors for a few weeks now was known after Sarah Jessica Parker had shared on Instagram some updates regarding the making of the show that will see her once again in the role of Carrie, accompanied once again by inseparable friends Charlotte ( Kristin Davis ) and Miranda ( Cynthia Nixon ), now Samantha’s “orphans,” whose character was played for six seasons of Sex and the city.

Sarah Jessica shared picture on the set of “And Just Like That 2” on her Instagram Account
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“And Just Like That 2” set reopened for next season

In the last few hours, however, the first photos “stolen” from the set of “And just like that season 2” have started to circulate, showing the characters played by Parker and Davis as they walk through the New York stands, naturally very elegant as always.

On the occasion of her “debut in public,” Carrie Bradshaw attracted the eyes of the most attentive fashion victims.

They, at her feet, could not overlook the iconic Christian Dior Extreme Gladiator in python leather already sported by the writer 13 years ago, in the first movie of Sex and the city, as well as in the first season of “And Just like that.

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An Instagram Post of “And Just Like That2” from justlikethatmax

In reality, to attract the attention of the fans of the series (where in “And just like that season 2” Aidan will also return ) were not only Carrie’s shoes but also a strange pigeon that the 57-year-old actress today protagonist of Hocus pocus 2 kept between hands, and that many have wondered what it could be.

It is the now famous JW Anderson clutch, which opens on the wing (called Pigeon Clutch), presented during the fashion show of the brand’s Fall Winter 2023 Men’s collection.

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