Andrea Janeiro has a new very famous friend with whom she sees herself in Madrid

Andrea Janeiro

Andrea Janeiro moves in the same circle as her mother, Belén Esteban

Andrea Janeiro is one of the best known faces in Spain despite her anonymity.

The young woman is the daughter of Belén Esteban and Jesulín de Ubrique, and although she has never spoken publicly, we know many details of her life thanks to her mother’s war with her father.

It almost seems like we’re her friends. But no, Andrea Janeiro has very select friends.

Although at the age of 18 she issued a statement asking to be an anonymous person, Andrea Janeiro loves cameras and sound tables.

In fact, she studied Audiovisual Communication in the United Kingdom .

Her dream is to work on television and radio, especially the latter, but always behind the cameras, in directing .

She even did an internship a few years ago at Los40, in Madrid, the leading radio station in Spain.

Andrea Janeiro
Andrea Janeiro with Belén Esteban | LivNews24

Andrea Janeiro meets Mario Vaquerizo

It could have been precisely there that he met one of his best friends.

Andrea Janeiro knows many celebrities and although the cameras do not record her, she is always by her mother’s side.

She attends events and meetings with friends of Belén Esteban.

She even she has also been through the corridors of Mediaset.

Precisely, in one of these meetings she met the multifaceted Mario Vaquerizo , and both have become fingernails.

Mario Vaquerizo is in Madrid enjoying one of the most traditional festivals, La Paloma .

The singer took the stage with his group to give everything and was also surprised when talking about the daughter of Belén Esteban, with whom he has a very close relationship.

The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ and Alaska’s husband have been great friends for years and that is why now, in one of the lowest moments, she has wanted to dedicate some nice words to him.

The showman acknowledged that he was aware of Andrea Janeiro’s graduation last week.

“Andrea is a friend of mine” , he reveals.

And he makes it clear that “Belén Esteban is a good mother.” “ Andrea is a wonderful girl, very disciplined , and when I saw her graduate on Instagram, what I did was share that moment of joy with her because she is phenomenal,” he concludes. They are very friends.

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