Andrea Janeiro invite Jesulín de Ubrique to the graduation, which was attended by Belén Esteban

Andrea Janeiro
Andrea Janeiro with Belén Esteban

There is no record that Jesulín de Ubrique was present on one of Andrea Janeiro’s most special days

The last few months have been quite hard for Belén Esteban .

The talk show host of Telecinco has suffered some mishaps related to her health that have had her in quite low hours.

However, there is news that she has recharged her energies and that she has to do with her daughter, Andrea Janeiro .

Belén Esteban starred in one of the most impressive images on live television this season.

The one from Paracuellos wanted to imitate the contestants of ‘ Survivors’ by submitting to a live challenge that ended with Jesulín de Ubrique ‘s ex falling to the ground and breaking her tibia and fibula.

A mishap that even forced her to go through her operating room and that has kept her away from television for several months.

Andrea Janeiro
Andrea Janeiro and esulín de ubrique | Livnews24

In fact, she had to be Anabel Pantoja ‘s defender in ‘ Survivors’ , but she had to give up.

2022 has been marked for Belén Esteban due to health problems
Added to this problem was another that also had to do with his health.

However, Belén did not want to give details so as not to worry her closest environment.

No information on the matter has been released.

However, we have recently seen Esteban return to the Telecinco set , which indicates that he is already beginning to recover.

Andrea Janeiro-

Although there is other news that has filled Esteban with satisfaction and has drawn the best smile of this 2022 .

One that has to do with her daughter, Andrea Janeiro .

The 23-year-old has been studying Audiovisual Communication for four years at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom .

Specifically, at Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet).

A private university that has up to eight campuses.

And after much effort she has managed to get the graduate.

A joy for Belén Esteban that allows her to forget about this disastrous 2022

Belén Esteban published an image of her daughter going down some stairs with the typical toga in which it was the day of her graduation, with a meaningful text in which Belén assured that it was one of the happiest days of her life.

“Yesterday was one of the best days of my life because my girl graduated,” the commentator wrote about the image.

“We lived an unforgettable day, surrounded by her family and all her colleagues. How proud we are of you, daughter, ”she added.

A party to which Jesulín de Ubrique, his father, would also have been invited.

However, there is no evidence that the bullfighter attended what was one of the most important days in the life of Andrea janeiro and his mother.

Complicated that Jesulín was, on the other hand, given that the right-hander is immersed in the care of his fourth son, Hugo, whom María José Campanario gave birth to a few weeks ago.

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