Andrea Janeiro leaves Jesulín de Ubrique and Belén Esteban now

Andrea Janeiro

Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario finally grant the long-awaited exclusive

Andrea Janeiro leaves Jesulín de Ubrique very bad, and also Belén Esteban.

Just a couple of months ago Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario expanded the family with the arrival of Hugo, their third son.

There was a lot of speculation about the possibility of an exclusive featuring the boy, but it didn’t come until last week.

Jesulín de Ubrique has been the great protagonist of this interview.

The bullfighter talks about his next projects, and especially about his family.

However, he does not have a single word for Andrea Janeiro, perhaps because of the pact of silence that he signed with her daughter when Andrea Janeiro came of age.

A few months later the magazine Hola, the favorite for marriage, released the most anticipated exclusive interview of recent months.

The bullfighter and the dentist posed on the cover, but this time without their son, just the two of them, embracing and very much in love .

Finally, the marriage reached an agreement with the publication and they have pocketed a significant sum of money.

In the interview the bullfighter is described as “a father 10”, however Belén Esteban has been very critical of him after being absent from the graduation of his eldest daughter, something surprising since a few months ago there was talk of the good relationship that existed between father and daughter.

The bullfighter also gave an exclusive interview for Hola with Belén Esteban when Andrea Janeiro was born 23 years ago.

At that time the bullfighter and the collaborator posed with the little newborn in their arms, something that has not happened on this occasion with Hugo, the third son of the right-hander with María José Campanario.

Belén Esteban attacks Jesulín de Ubrique again

According to the bullfighter, his absence is due to the birth of his son Hugo.

He is still a baby, only two months old, and he didn’t feel like leaving María José Campanario for a whole day.

Also, the dentist felt safer if he was at home.

Belén Esteban | LivNews24

Andrea Janeiro’s graduation took place in the United Kingdom, where she studied for a degree.

The war between Ambiciones and Paracuellos de Jarama could soon come, and Jesulín de Ubrique has confirmed to the magazine ‘Hola’ that he is preparing a documentary series where he will review all the personal and professional moments of his life.

Logically, he will have no choice but to talk about his courtship with Belén Esteban, the birth of Andrea Janeiro and the controversial break with the collaborator.

It is likely that the bullfighter will take advantage of this documentary to respond to some of the harsh accusations made by Miguel Marcos‘ wife during these two decades.

“I am waiting to make a documentary series for a platform, a journey through my life with images and many people will participate, fellow students, doctors, friends…” he said, acknowledging that filming has not started at the moment .

He could even write his own autobiography.

“Publishers have called me to write my memoirs. I think I’m not one for books, I’m better than those who sit down and talk,” he admits, assuring that if he decides to tell his life, he would do it calmly because, he confesses, “I want be something that is spectacular” .

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