Angela Kelly: Queen’s dressmaker, no longer works for royalty now

Angela Kelly
Angela Kelly

According to the chronicles, King Charles III would have given Angela Kelly the welcome. She is too smoky, too entangled in the affairs of the Queen, of which she knew every secret and to which she had been close for over 30 years.

There has never been anyone like Angela Kelly in the court of Queen Elizabeth II.

And, since the sovereign’s death on 8 September, no one will ever be like her again.

Kelly was the woman who, for the past 30 years, has stood by the monarch to help her choose outfits and accessories for thousands of events.

Look after look; the two women became friends and confidants: so the figure of Angela Kelly was transformed to become one of the people outside the family circle closest to the sovereign, the keeper of her secrets and her thoughts.

She arrived at the court in 1993 and was hired as a seamstress; in 2001, she became the personal assistant of her Majesty, the first to obtain, in the history of Elizabeth’s long reign, a similar role.

The sovereign’s death has altered various sensitive monarchical systems, including the line of succession, the formal responsibilities of family members, social profiles, and the royal family’s digital communication channels.

But there is no more room for Angela Kelly, now 64, who by friendship and closeness to the sovereign, has also been allowed to publish books on her experience as the Queen’s assistant.

At the end of the period of mourning for Elizabeth, at the end of September, the Express published the news according to which King Charles III, who was never particularly fond of Kelly, would have the locks on every door of Windsor Castle, where the Queen resided in the last years of her life, changed, to prevent staff members and unwanted people from freely accessing them.

Angela Kelly, who spent a hard time during the 2020 lockdown along with the sovereign in her bubble created to protect her from the outside world and her covid, was with her at Balmoral in the last days of her life.

Returning to Windsor, where she lived, she seems to have found her bitter surprise.

And a little, perhaps, if she was expecting it as well.

With the accession of Charles to the throne, the Royal Household’s “administration,” if we can call it that, has led to and will lead to a physiological shift in the court’s equilibrium.

Many very trustworthy of Queen Elizabeth were accompanied to the door with a letter of reference and a good exit, as often happens when company management changes; others have been relocated to various royal residences or different tasks.

Angela Kelly always reports the Express has the usufruct of a historic home that belongs to the Crown and the permission obtained from the sovereign.

At the same time, she was alive to write other memoirs about her experience of her.

In short, despite receiving the welcome from King Charles, she will certainly have no problems spending a peaceful retirement.

The gossip around the figure of Angela Kelly

Dressmaker, seamstress, personal assistant, even lockdown hairdresser: how many things were Kelly for Queen Elizabeth? Her story is told through the protagonist’s voice in two books, Dressing The Queen and The Other Side Of The Coin: The Queen, The Dresser And the Wardrobe from 2019, which reveal the traits of an over thirty-year, intimate friendship. And very solid.

However, Elizabeth’s relatives have never considered the influence Kelly has always had on the sovereign.

For example, royal chroniclers linked Prince Harry’s words, uttered during an NBC interview in April 2022 in which he said he was worried that his grandmother was not surrounded by people who had him at heart, precisely to the figure of Kelly; Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, reiterated that it was always the Queen’s assistant who stepped up the drama in the days leading up to Harry’s royal wedding to Meghan Markle, preventing the prince’s fiancée from choosing the tiara she preferred for the day of the wedding.

Indeed, Angela Kelly has the chance to write other books about her work with Elizabeth II, hoping that she will not taint her time at court with gossip and rumors now that the Queen is gone, opens the way to the right of press reply.

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