Antonino Spinalbese’s end of story with Belen: “We were wrong to choose us”

Antonino Spinalbese and Belen
Antonino Spinalbese and Belen

The former hairstylist, Antonino Spinalbese, today among the competitors of Big Brother, explains the reasons that led to the breakup with Rodriguez

Since he entered the Big Brother house, Antonino Spinalbese immediately made it clear that within the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, he would not have pulled back from talking about his private life, starting from the story with Belén Rodriguez, from whom he had the daughter Luna Marì.

A few days later, at the beginning of the GF Vip, the former hairstylist told the end of the idyll with the Argentine presenter, revealing some unpublished background related to their union, which lasted about a year.

Split between Antonino Spinalbese and Belen Rodriguez

“We made a mistake in choosing us,” Antonino began during a chat with Charlie Gnocchi, admitting that despite everything, his acquaintance with Belén gave him the best thing of his life: little Luna.

Belen Rodriguez
Belen Rodriguez | LivNews24

“Without that, I wouldn’t have my daughter. If I didn’t have my daughter today, I would have gone abroad “, he admitted, explaining that he does not regret the timing of the relationship with Rodriguez:” I’m fine, I’m healthy. Now I’m back what I was, I’m happy.”

Antonino Spinalbese tells the story with Belén as the union of two worlds too different from being compatible; this is also because of the great popularity of the presenter, constantly chased by the paparazzi, which made the former hairstylist also end up on the front pages of all the newspapers, whose life was dissected under a microscope and then placed in the square.

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A relationship between the presenter and Antonino made of so much love and many difficult moments: “There were so many problems that arose. We were two worlds apart. If a person loves another, would you say it enough? Now I believe it had to be like this. Then I always left home. We disputed, and I quit; I moved away. I hate quarrels, and therefore I reacted by running away”, continues Spinalbese, who, even with joining the GF, is ready to start a new phase in his life.

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