Antonino Spinalbese: Tells the Tragedy of his past to GF Vip

Antonino Spinalbese
Antonino Spinalbese

The former hairstylist,Antonino Spinalbese, once Belén’s boyfriend, opened up with his companions by telling his story, “My father committed suicide.”

A month after the start of Big Brother Vip, Antonino Spinalbese spoke to his friend Luca Salatino with an open heart, to whom he revealed an unexpected background linked to his past and that of his family: or the death of his father. The latter committed suicide when he was 17.

An event that profoundly marked the adolescence (and not only) of Antonino, whose father had been suffering from depression for a long time although, at the time, no one had noticed the malaise of the man, who separated from the mother of the competitor of the GF Vip when Spinalbese was eight years old.

Antonino Spinalbese tells his story at GF Vip

As he said, the separation of his parents created a deep pain in the former hairstylist, who said he felt embarrassed for a long time for that family situation that made him suffer for a long time and that, even today, he continues to remember with ache.

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“I never quarreled with my father; instead, I discussed it just a few days before; I don’t even remember why.”

It is with these words that Spinalbese began to tell the most painful moment.

“On January 15, my mother, taken by her shock, by extreme fear, wakes me up telling me that my father is dead”, continues the 27-year-old today among the most beloved competitors of Big Brother, in whose house in the first weeks he had made a strong bond with Ginevra Lamborghini, disqualified from the Canale 5 reality show due to the words used in respect of Marco Bellavia.

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“My father died; he committed suicide,” Antonino Spinalbese continued to Gf ​​Vip, ready to open up on this page of his existence: “We entered his house, and there was a state of crazy confusion, my father had gone into depression, but no one noticed it, depression often has no voice. He was highly inexplicable to the laws of life that he has always had: happiness, extreme calm, and coldness. It was absurd that it was gone, but the cause was also even more absurd; I couldn’t believe it.”

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