Antonio Banderas: From being the star alongside Antonio Banderas to the toughest fight of his life

Antonio Banderas

On the day after Olivia Newton-John’s death, this actress turning 65 has also battled cancer

An event that has Antonio Banderas , who turns 62 this Wednesday , and Sandra García-Sanjuán as the main motivators.

The countdown is on.

Next Sunday, August 14 , the Marbella Starlite Gala will take place in the Andalusian city .

It will be the 13th edition of the gala, which this year will have Porcelanosa as sponsor and will dedicate the funds raised to the Starlite Foundation , the Starlite Group ‘s social project.

Antonio Banderas
DEAUVILLE, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 06: Antonio Banderas poses on the red carpet before the screening of the movie “The Music Of Silence” during the 43rd Deauville American Film Festival on September 6, 2017 in Deauville, France. (Photo by Francois G. Durand/Getty Images)

An Antonio Banderas who has starred in one of the most mediatic couples in Hollywood in recent years.

We are talking about the marriage he had with Melanie Griffith , who turns 65 this Tuesday , just the day after the death of another diva on the big screen, the recently deceased Olivia Newton-John .

An actress, the interpreter of Sandy in the movie Grease , with whom he shared one of the most difficult fights: against cancer .

Melanie Griffith turns 65 after a life marked by addictions and a fight against cancer
Melanie Griffith has had a busy life.

On the one hand, in the professional field.

She started shooting an advertisement when she was only 9 months old and later she got jobs such as ‘ The night moves’ , ‘ Double body’ or the award-winning film ‘ Armas de mujer’ , which earned her an Oscar nomination for best actress in 1989.

On the other hand, in the sentimental.

Griffith married Don Johnson twice , whom she met when she was only 14 years old.

She and him had a daughter, Dakota , who has followed in the footsteps of her mother.

She is the protagonist of the film ‘ Fifty Shades of Grey’ .

Although Melanie ‘s most notorious relationship was the one she had with Antonio Banderas , after they met while shooting the movie Two much .

At that time, Don Johnson was detoxifying in a clinic from his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Two vices that, by the way, Griffith also had, in her early years with Johnson and also later.

“I am an alcoholic and an addict and all my life I have struggled with it , and I have done well . Now I’m great. I feel free, I don’t drink, I don’t take pills. It’s like getting out of prison, ”she explained in an interview for the magazine HELLO! In 2010.

Returning to his relationship with Antonio Banderas, they married in 1996 and together they had a daughter, Stella del Carmen , who is currently 25 years old.

And thanks to her marriage to the Antonio Banderas from Malaga, Griffith won the sympathy of many Spaniards.

Antonio Banderas and his toughest fight

But the love ended in 2014.

“In a thoughtful and consensual way, we have decided to end our almost twenty years of marriage in a loving and friendly way, honoring and respecting each other, our family and friends, and the precious time we have spent together. “, They pointed out both, who currently maintain a very good relationship.

Some time later, in 2017 , the actress underwent surgery to combat skin cancer.

She became known later, in 2018 , when she appeared at the Vienna Opera Ball with a somewhat strange nose.

After she speculated on an aesthetic touch-up, the artist admitted that she had been treated to remove a carcinoma.

Currently Melanie lives quietly and without complexes.

She is often seen without makeup on social networks and criticizes the aesthetic clichés that are carried in Hollywood, lamenting that there are hardly any roles for women her age in big productions.

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