Anuel AA has a private plane and has already told everyone

Anuel AA

Anuel AA has boasted of his plane on social networks

Through Anuel AA‘s social networks, where he already has 29 million followers, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Anuel AA has boasted of his luxurious private plane by going on a jet tour, a practice that has been popularized by some celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian .

Karol G‘s ex did not want to be discreet at all with his new acquisition, so he decided to show everyone the details of his new ship.

In the video, the interpreter of ‘La Jeepeta’ appears in the company of his wife, the Dominican Yailin ‘La más Viral’, on a trip they undertook to see the Italian capital and the Vatican, where they could hear Pope Francis in the Plaza of San Pedro.

After seeing the most emblematic places in Rome, the couple boarded their luxurious plane again to continue their tour of Europe.

To start this tour, the Puerto Rican focused on his wife going up to the aircraft, already inside, he showed the black and white monochrome chairs.

Moving forward, he pointed to a small ‘living’ room with a large television and a striking patterned rug.

Anuel AA affirms that “a soccer team” fits in the bathroom of his new plane

The couple continued with the tour and Yailin stopped in front of the bathroom, one of the interpreter’s favorite places, since Anuel AA made many references to it during the video.

Walking in, Anuel AA starts comparing the size of this bathroom to other celebrities’, dropping a few hints about how lavish other people’s private jets are.

In the midst of teasing, the singer affirms that the bathrooms of the other celebrities are tiny and “if they can go in to relieve themselves.” Yailin supported her husband.

“I am going to show the bathroom, because those people who show off their jets never show the bathroom… that is because they are small bathrooms, in which two people do not fit, but only the cu… of them, who cannot even sit down”, says the Puerto Rican in the Instagram story.

Seconds later, the Puerto Rican ensures that many people fit on his plane and that many intimate activities can be carried out on it.

“Here there is room for even a soccer team and you can even chi ** ar,” he adds in the publication.

In addition to focusing on the plane’s bathroom, the interpreter of “Si Tu Me Busca” also showed that his aircraft has numerous reclining seats in beige tones, to travel with his closest family and friends .

He also pointed out that, around the flat-screen television, which also has a powerful sound system, there is a comfortable sofa where he will enjoy some movies with his wife, as if they were getting away in a suite in a 5-star hotel stars.

In this way, the reggaeton player returned to show a little more of his life full of luxuries, since in previous days he also published how he celebrated his wife’s birthday on a luxurious yacht in Ibiza.

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