Around 70,000 people are protesting in Brussels for better wages


Around 70,000 workers took to the streets for protesting in the Belgian capital of Brussels on Monday for better wages.

The essentials in brief
•	Around 70,000 employees in various sectors took to the streets in Belgium.
•	Several large unions had previously called for protests for better wages.

Around 70,000 employees from various sectors protesting for higher wages in the Belgian capital of Brussels on Monday.

This is the result of information from the police and trade unions. 

Because of the nationwide strike , travel was severely restricted.

The largest Belgian airport in Brussels canceled all take-offs of passenger planes. 

According to the airport’s website, most of the security personnel want to take part in the national day of protest.

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Protesting For Equal Wages

There were also restrictions on local public transport in many places , as reported by the Belgian news agency Belga.

In Brussels, for example, almost all subway journeys were cancelled.

Several large unions had called for the protest . 

They demand a change in the Belgian wage law.

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The prices for energy and food, for example, continued to rise, but wages did not, the appeal said .

From their point of view, the wage law does not allow for sufficient wage adjustments.

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