Aurora Ramazzotti announced the sex of upcoming baby

Aurora Ramazzotti
Aurora Ramazzotti

After revealing she is pregnant, Michelle Hunziker and Aurora Ramazzotti revealed on Instagram whether it would be a boy or a girl.

After confirming the rumors that they wanted her pregnant, Aurora revealed the sex of her first child.

The announcement via social media took place a few hours after the gender reveal party, which saw the protagonists Aurora and her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza, who discovered during the party that they were waiting for a male.

As soon as the news was heard, Aurora was unable to hold back her tears of happiness, as shown by the photos published by the presenter on her Instagram profile where, in a gallery, the shots of some of the guests present at the party also appear among the which could not be missing mum Michelle, dad Eros Ramazzotti and the parents of Goffredo Cerza (his partner since 2017).

Instagram post shared by Aurora Ramazzotti Goffredo Cerza

Aurora Ramazzotti revealed the sex of her first child

Just recently, Aurora’s mother published an image that immortalized her on the streets of Milan in the company of her partner-in-law Francesca Cerza, with both future grandmothers struggling with some healthy shopping for Aurora first child.

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Aurora Ramazzotti
Aurora Ramazzotti

“All the photos will arrive on Tuesday, but we wanted to share them in the meantime before someone else did,” Ramazzotti wrote on Instagram, sharing with his followers the gender reveal he had just taken part in, eager to be the first to give the news of the sex of her eldest son after Signorini had beaten her on time by announcing (during an interview with Corriere ) ” Aurora ‘s pregnancy,” which will give birth in April.

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