Aurora Ramazzotti quits social media after announcing pregnancy

Aurora Ramazzotti
Aurora Ramazzotti

“In the last period, I have been very absent from social networks,” says Aurora Ramazzotti after the announcement of the pregnancy.

Aurora Ramazzotti needed a break to take a moment for herself after discovering and announcing her pregnancy.

For this reason, recently, she has loosened her presence a little on her trendy Instagram profile. ” In the last period, I have been very absent from social networks», The 25-year-old explained in the stories,« I know that many people would not say it because it seems that I am everywhere, but those who follow me and love me know that I have been absent.”

Perhaps it was that “being everywhere”, her name that appears in all the newspapers (first for suspicion of pregnancy and then for confirmation) that understandably made her want to disappear for a while. “It was a conscious and necessary choice,” she told her followers, “I needed it to understand something of what is happening right now.”

Aurora Ramazzotti quits social media because of Pregnancy

Ramazzotti recently announced her pregnancy, confirming the rumours: she and her partner Goffredo Cerza are expecting a baby.

She communicated it with a funny video on Instagram, a platform where she is usually very active, exposing herself daily with her 2.4 million followers.

Now, however, Lei aurora has explained that, in this particular moment of her life, she has chosen to take a moment to rest.

“I’ve always been very direct and transparent,” she added, “and I’ve always brought a lot of myself to social media, but this was becoming a double-edged sword, and now I need to calibrate, also in light of what I am happening.”

On the one hand, there is live online, and on the other hand, that is also made up of body and physical presence, the offline one.

The two worlds can overlap, but sometimes you feel the need to move away from technology and communication in real-time, especially because social networks often carry pressure, controversy, haters and a continuous and unreal Fomo, Fear Of Missing Out.

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The daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti spoke of a “communication block” which in recent weeks is leading her to share less and focus more on her emotions.

After all, more and more public figures decide to leave social media forever or take breaks when they feel it is time to disconnect.

Aurora, however, reassured the followers: “VI wanted to tell those who follow me that I am calibrating and that I will be back, “he said.

“I know there is someone curious, and I understand it, but let me understand. And then we resent.”

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