The barbaric trikini by Alejandra Rubio : it’s a must have in your wardrobe now

Alejandra Rubio

The daughter of Terelu Campos, Alejandra Rubio, enjoys in the pool waiting to resolve her television situation

Alejandra Rubio dazzles us with her new summer look .

The daughter of Terelu Campos and former collaborator of ‘Viva La Vida’ has fluttered Instagram.

And Alejandra Rubio has done it with her new photon: in a trikini.

Yesterday we were surprised by Mar Saura and her great guy at 46 years old, and today is no less.

With a photo caption in which Alejandra Rubio writes “Summer Time”, the 22-year-old from Madrid has returned all her fans.

The publication already has more than 8,000 ‘Like’ and hundreds of comments.

Most of them are compliments: “Morenazaaaa”, “Cannon of a woman”, “You are missed on TV”… But the most prominent are the comments of other celebrities, many of them Alejandra’s TV companions.

The girlfriend of Kiko Matamoros stands out, Marta López Álamo, who gives her an “OMG friend”.

Although the star comment is that of her mother Terelu of her.

She has almost 70 likes : “You are impressive my love…and me on the cover of Readings with my body in rubble!! And it happens my love: envy is very bad and there are some people with a lot of crap inside, but most of them are great !! “, writes the daughter of María Teresa Campos.

We had seen this triquini.

It is from the firm ASOS and we are not fooling anyone if we say that it is hitting it at its points of sale.

Only suitable for the most daring, the usual market price is €38, although now you can get it for only €31.25.

We seriously recommend it if your August plans go from beach to beach.

It’s comfortable, it catches the eye and it’s creative.

Oh yes, and it’s available in all sizes: 32 to 46. What else?

Uncertain future: Terelu, very worried

The cancellation of Emma García‘s ‘Viva La Vida‘ has been a tremendous setback for Alejandra Rubio.

This was the only steady job she had and now she is unemployed.

Luckily, with the brands and fashion on Instagram she earns a good fortune, but that doesn’t give her much.

She wants to succeed on TV and her appearances in the evening format on Saturdays and Sundays were a perfect safe-conduct for her.

Now, Rubio is worried, but so is her mother.

Terelu already expressed it the other day in ‘Sálvame’, where she never agrees with Pipi Estrada: “Everything begins and everything ends.” Stages…

The barbaric trikini by Alejandra Rubio

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