Bebe Vio in love with her boyfriend Gianmarco

Bebe Vio
Bebe Vio

Bebe Vio and Gianmarco Viscio were intercepted between smiles and hugs during a romantic outing in the capital.

After winning an incredible amount of medals by carrying the Italian flag higher and higher worldwide, the 25-year-old Paralympic champion has decided to put the sport aside to devote herself to love.

In fact, in the past few hours, Bebe was photographed together with her current partner, Gianmarco Viscio, during a romantic outing in a club in Rome not far from Trastevere.

At the end of the evening, the couple got paparazzi in tender attitudes: Bebe Vio and her boyfriend.

Bebe Vio in a relation with Gianmarco

They indulged in a series of kisses and hugs that showed more than the kind of feeling that binds the sportswoman to Gianmarco, a 30-year-old player. 

Amateur football alongside which Bebe (Italian fencer specialist in foil) seems to be happy and serene to the point of deciding to live her relationship with Viscio in the light of the sun.

After the years dedicated to the rehabilitation path following the diagnosis of meningitis in 2008, after having collected medals and world awards, such as the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, Bebe Vio is today dedicated to love.

A “new life” was the one that Bebe found herself in front of, leading her to become a sports legend recognized worldwide for her talent, strength, and innate ability to take life with a smile, always and anyway. It is no coincidence that Nike chose her to give life to the Bebe Vio Academy, the first Italian academy in favor of inclusive sport.

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