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Valentina Ferragni
Valentina Ferragni

Valentina Ferragni, this issue’s cover story, tells it above all. It can happen as a trauma, a sudden accident, and then it is a stormy operation, a run for cover, to withdraw together.

The voice of change usually sounds like something essential.

Or start slowly, like an internal annoyance: we begin to feel a little uncomfortable in ourselves.

However, it is always that voice that begins to dictate the times. To govern.

It is there that we know a new version of what we were until yesterday, to which we still work every day, but which has already taken the face, the eyes, our expressions, and they realize it on the street when they meet us: ” What happened to you? You are no longer the same.”

It is no longer the same Valentina Ferragni , 29, who perhaps has the most popular surname today, Ferragni.

The New Beginning Issue and Valentina Ferragni

At a certain point, intact the love for her family, which is also the business enterprise, with her jewelry brand left the protection of the nest.

She is no longer the same Amy Roko, 30, a veiled Saudi girl, today the most followed influencer in the Middle East who has a problematic sacred hymn for women in those lands and ours, again: “My life, my rules. ”

She is no longer the same Frida Bollani Magoni, daughter of art, pianist, and singer who is visually impaired with perfect pitch, who, even of age, overturns the imperative cliché of social media: “If you have no followers, you are nobody.”

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She will never have been the same Marilyn Monroe again when she realized that “sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can happen,” Now fashion is again inspired by her.

And we are no longer the same; this autumn, when Queen Elizabeth dies, an era ends, another of our “twenty useful summers” has gone, and we have a whole new one ahead of us, to start over.

So if we love our job but hate our boss, we understand how to manage it.

If something touches, it screeches; we don’t necessarily have to go into analysis.

If that date went wrong, never mind, let’s not make him laugh at us.

And we can stop biting our nails. And feel absolute pleasure, even alone, make a toast, leave as long as it’s all-inclusive, and finally reverse the bad habit of always being late and not at all.

The treasure, you know, is in our chest. This is The New Beginning Issue. And this is us.

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