Belén Rodriguez left everyone speechless now during a comic curtain

Belén Rodriguez
Belén Rodriguez

A curtain that once again highlighted the self-deprecating and irreverent soul of Belén Rodriguez, now accustomed to breaking down taboos linked to sex and life as a couple.

During the last episode of “Tu si que vales”, Belén Rodriguez left everyone speechless during a comic curtain inspired by the film “Harry meet Sally.”

The scene that has been revived is the now cult one in which Meg Ryan pretends to have an orgasm with Belén, who, wearing an unlikely blonde wig, lets herself go in front of her Billy Crystal, played for the occasion by Gerry Scotti.

While many show business characters still show some modesty in talking about their intimacy (so imagine if they could ever fake an orgasm in front of the cameras), Belén had never backed down when it came to touching on topics such as sex and female pleasure.

Belén Rodriguez: protagonist of a curtain inspired by the film “Harry Met Sally

These are two themes on which the former showgirl of Antonino Spinalbese (a competitor of this year’s GF Vip from which she had her daughter Luna Marì ) has always dealt with extreme naturalness, as indeed it should be.

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“There’s nothing wrong with that; it can finally be said on television “, said Belén Rodriguez (now back in the arms of Stefano De Martino) during his participation in “Le Irene” on the subject of “self-love” before adding: “You don’t have to beat yourself up too much. Choose who you want to be with, and choose what to think. You don’t sweat; you don’t move. You don’t have to fake orgasms. She’s cool; I’m serious.”

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