Belen Rodriguez: New beginning in Dream Home with De Martino

Stefano De Martino and Belén Rodriguez
Stefano De Martino and Belén Rodriguez

A new beginning marked by new dynamics, awareness, and dream home. The couple Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez gave themselves a dream home overlooking the sea for their new beginning.

Essentials in Brief- 
Belen and Stefano bought their dream Home
Belen is busy in advertising campaign of Beachwear brand
Stefano lookafter Belen's daughter 

Suppose the love between Stefano De Martino and Belén Rodriguez has remained the same since their eyes met for the first time in Amici’s studio ten years ago, despite the ups and downs today.

In that case, their relationship can count on a new one. Lymph. Stefano De Martino has bought a villa with a private beach in Naples, where he is ready to write, with his family, a new chapter in his life.

Instagram Post Shared by Stefano at Sea showing keys of new Dream Home.

The Dream Home of Stefano and Belén Rodriguez

The new home is located in the village of Marechiaro, in the most exclusive community of Naples.

A piece Dans l’eau residence with breathtaking views guaranteed privacy and private access to the sea.

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On his birthday last October 3, the same conductor wanted to show on Instagram the key that opens the gate that leads to the rocks and the beach for exclusive use, as shown by the presenter on his feed on September 17.

It is unclear if the villa is the same as where the couple spent part of the summer with a mega garden, swimming pool, and trampoline for Santiago, glimpsed in their IG stories.

From the words that the showgirl released to the weekly Gentein fact, it looks like their new home is under construction.

Instagram Post Shared by Belén Rodriguez at Sea

“A house with Stefano is our new beginning. We will build it on land that he bought near Naples “, the Argentine presenter confided to Gente, confirming the news,” there we will build a new house with a beautiful garden. My father Gustavo will also give us a hand. So our son Santiago will be able to have his house on the tree, like any child. I also had one when I was little: but his will also have a terrace.”

According to the social portal The Pipol Gossip, the value of the villa would be around 2 million euros, in perfect line with the prices for a mansion with all the comforts in the city’s most prestigious area Campania.

For now, the family will continue to divide between Milan, Rome, and Naples: in the Lombard capital Santiago goes to school, and the whole Rodriguez family lives there, from mother Veronica and father Gustavo to the brothers Cecilia and Jeremias, while Stefano is more and more often in Naples where he is engaged in Rai studios with Stasera Tutto è Possible.

Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino
Belen Rodriguez with Stefano De Martino | LivNews24

Belen, on the other hand, records Le Iene in Milan and Tú sí que valesin Rome.

“At first, we will go back and forth,” he explained, not excluding the definitive transfer to Posillipo, where Santiago would have his paternal grandparents who live in Torre Annunziata next to him.

The famous Neapolitan lessons that Stefano gave his son “to become a perfect urchin” and has gone viral on social media can finally be implemented.

Stefano and Belén Rodriguez’s daughter-Luna Marì

“The complete responsibility that the child needs – reads Belén – must never be mistaken with the sacrifice of one’s right to love in the name of the kids.”

It is the new book that occupies Belén’s spare time to be photographed and shared by the showgirl herself while she is busy with the new advertising campaign of her beachwear brand.

She is far from home, Belén, and Massimo Recalcati, with her “Keep the kiss” of her, makes her reflect on the sense of parenting, which happens at a perfect moment.

Antonino Spinalbese and Belen
Antonino Spinalbese and Belen | LivNews24
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While she is away from home, her daughter’s father is engaged in a reality show, and Stefano is dedicated to her son Santiago and Luna Marì.

“A couple who decide to live together only for the sake of their children is a couple without desire. You can remain good enough parents without being a loving couple anymore,” Belén Rodriguez emphasizes on her social networks, taking a cue from the book’s author’s words.

Remember that the respect between a man and a woman, parents of the same child, can also be read in knowing how to turn the page to follow one’s heart.

Instagram post shared by Belen

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So Belén, with her parents as an entrepreneur, left her children in the hands and sweet care of the man with whom she shares her life today, Stefano, who tries to build a serene relationship even with little Luna Marì.

“Luna Marì is my son’s sister – said the dancer and conductor to Maurizio Costanzo – I feel like an uncle. ”

It is a new beginning of a life in four where Antonino will also be the protagonist of the journey to be able to give the love of a father to daughter.

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