Belén Rodríguez praised Stefano with probable dig at Antonino Spinalbese

Belén Rodríguez

The words of the host of Le Iene Belén Rodríguez aroused many suspicions on Twitter during the airing of the GF Vip.

In the past few hours, the presenter of Le Irene, and protagonist of the service ” In the mirror with Belén Rodríguez, “where she had a rather exciting face-to-face with her haters, published some stories on Instagram where she supported De Martino that moment aired with the program Tonight everything is possible, which sees him conducting the Rai 2 comedy show for the fourth consecutive year.

Belén Rodríguez praised Stefano De Martino

“Now on Rai Due … My husband makes you smile, how much he makes me smile ‘almost always’ too!”, Wrote Belén Rodríguez on Instagram, whose words, according to many, would be a dig at the ex-partner Antonino Spinalbese, at that exact moment in live on Canale 5 during the evening episode of GF Vip, where we were talking about the relationship between the former hairstylist and Ginevra Lamborghini, with whom a feeling seems to have been born.

Although the speech was pleasing and cheerful (given that both Antonino and Ginevra admitted to liking each other), on Twitter, there was no shortage of more than sarcastic comments regarding the slightly too severe and not very carefree mood of Spinalbese who, during face to face with Lamborghini, appeared restrained and little park of smiles. Practically the opposite of Stefano, who, on Rai 2, always proves to be witty and “light.”

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Was Rodriguez referring to this in his message? Who knows? What we know for sure is that Belén and Antonino Spinalbese are now back on good terms for the love of their daughter Luna Marì, born from the relationship between the presenter of Tù Sì que vales and the competitor of Big Brother.

He, at the inside the house, he spoke on several occasions about the relationship with Belén, as well as about the end of their story, which reached a point of no return due to the continuous quarrels and too different lifestyles that, in the long run, would have been the cause of their removal.

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