Belén Rodriguez, dysmorphophobia: “we all suffer a little from this disorder”

Belén Rodriguez
Belén Rodriguez

The host of Le Iene, Belén Rodriguez, spoke about the importance of loving each other before showing oneself on social media, where haters are always lurking.

The new season of Le Iene coincided not only with the return of Belén Rodriguez to run the program alongside Teo Mammucari and the 38-year-old’s debut as a correspondent.

For her debut as a hyena, Belén Rodriguez has produced a report on dysmorphophobia.

This psychological disorder arises from the constant and excessive concern for a physical defect that leads those suffering from this pathology to feel continuously inadequate and wrong compared to the world. 

Although Rodriguez is also known for her beauty, the 38-year-old, now back at Stefano De Martino’s side, said that the relationship with her body is not always the same and varies depending on the day.

Belén Rodriguez talks about dysmorphophobia

“I also have days when I look good and others when I like myself less. But today, at the age of forty, I know that beauty is fleeting, and I am focused on something else,” the presenter of Tu si que vales told La Stampa, specific that dysmorphophobia is one of the new evils of the millennium.

“We are the first to build an image that is often dissonant with what is our reality,” continued Belén, recently ended up under the lights of gossip after the statements made by ex-boyfriend Antonino Spinalbese who, at GF Vip, told the reasons that led to the end of their relationship.

“I believe we all suffer a little or more from this disorder. Social media often lead us to play a part. We lose sight of everyday reality “, said Rodriguez, sure that the approach to the world of social media should be different, especially when approaching the various Instagram and TikToks when you are still very young and, consequently, you do not have all the tools you need to handle criticism, negative comments and hater attacks.

“You acquire awareness with age. If you follow trends, you often feel inadequate.

I, too, have been the victim of attacks on social media. Many times I have felt out of fashion “, confessed the partner of De Martino, more and more convinced that limiting the time you spend on social media can avoid the risk that these “an obsession that can screw your brain.”

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