Belén Rodriguez wishes birthday to Stefano: “Happy birthday to my heart”

Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino
Belén Rodriguez wishing her husband Stefano De Martino

Today the former Amici dancer Stefano De Martino blows out 33 candles, and his wife Belén Rodriguez’s social wishes could not be missing.

“Happy birthday to my heart” No panegyrics, but a few words that hit the mark. 

Belén Rodriguez wishing her husband Stefano De Martino a happy birthday on Instagram has staked everything on substance, also because her most exhaustive declaration of love, the romance film, had passed on TV just a few hours earlier.

Stefano and Belén Rodriguez continue to give heartbeats to those who have always believed in their love despite the continuous rollercoaster.

Perhaps they are one of the most loved couples in the entertainment world.

Today the former Amici dancer and conductor blows out 33 candles in the crystalline waters of his Naples and could not miss the sweet dedication of his wife.

“Happy life” he had written for her 38 years last September 20.

After less than two weeks, she relaunches with an equally concise but somewhat significant “Feliz cumpleaños a mi Corazon” and a black and white photo from which reveals all their rediscovered complicity.

She was not so telegraphic yesterday, Sunday, October 2, from Silvia Toffanin’s living room in the first official interview about the return of the flame and the stages that led her, again, to share her life with the “favorite scoundrel” of her.

Belén Rodriguez talked about herself without filters, from the end of her relationship with Antonino Spinalbese, father of little Luna Marì, to the first clandestine appointments with her ex before the paparazzi smelled the scent of gossip and Santiago also sensed the situation.

“It was complex. I allowed myself another chance, but it didn’t work out. So when I met Stefano, who has always been a part of my life, “the Argentine showgirl told Verissimo,” it wasn’t easy for him because, when he came back, I had had a child with another person. And coming back into my life included accepting a daughter, not his. For this reason alone, and I have many others, he won everything for me. I respect this attitude. For me, it is incredible what he managed to do”, Belén explained before recounting Santiago’s happiness in seeing his parents united again.

Since the beginning of the year, they have given themselves a third chance, knowing that the stakes are even higher this time.

Belén Rodriguez wishes to Stefano: “Happy birthday to my heart”

Since 2012, married since 2015, and today by law, they are still “husband and wife,” as explained by Rodriguez.

“We filed for divorce earlier, but we got back together, then we released, filed for divorce again, but again we got back together for the second time, the divorce request expired for the second time.”

Not surprisingly, the faith on the finger was one of the first social clues of their rediscovered love unearthed by the most attentive and incurable romantics fans.

To conclude, a declaration of love with all the trappings balances the tendency to synthesize the most recent messages on Instagram: “In all this chaos, and this lack of balance, it was nice to have the further confirmation of loving him so much.

Because when these things happen, and you choose yourself once again, it means that there is so much substance.

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