Berlin: Antagonist from Money Heist that everyone likes


 A story dedicated to the villain Berlin whom we have loved the most will arrive on Netflix in 2023. During a press conference of Spanish Netflix, Álex Pina and Pedro Alonso provided the first surprising sneak peeks at the prequel to “La casa di Carta” [Money Heist], which has just started shooting in France.

Elegant appearance, enigmatic and deep look. He doesn’t need to utter a word because, at the first shot, you can already sense the character; you can smell the scent of his charisma.

Andrés de Fonollosa, nom de guerre: Berlin, is such an iconic character from Money Heist that producers and screenwriters have decided to sew on him as if it were a tailored suit, an 8-episode spin-off series that will arrive on Netflix in 2023.

It is called Berlin, shooting began on October 3 in Paris and will then move to Madrid.

Here questions arise: what does Berlin hold that the Professor and his partners do not hold?

Why did it attract the public’s attention so much that it deserved a series “of its own”?

That he is a leader with a mysterious appeal is beyond doubt. His intelligence is a powerful engine, but his unpredictability, even on an emotional level, seduces him.

And if his way of love is outside the box, there is a wounded heart behind his narcissism, self-centeredness, and arrogance.

And then, as in many TV series, it’s easier to take the side of someone who is very attractive or has above-average cognitive abilities: and Berlin has both.

Berlin: Antagonist that everyone likes

Through the role of the “villain”, the cynical, ruthless, desperate robber, the viewer can identify with and explore his dark side at a safe distance through actions (performed by others),

And if that’s not enough, Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina, the series’ creators, outline the pluses of the most controversial and divisive character.

Berlin has the most sparkling personality; he is perfect to be placed in another universe. We liked the idea of ​​telling the adventures of a new gang together in Berlin but in a completely different mood”, they explained.

Suppose it is true that those who know others are wise, and those who know themselves are enlightened.

In that case, the spin-off of “Money Heist” promises to be a series with its own identity, completely independent from the original.

The ingredients? Comedy is not without a certain romanticism. There will be robberies without violence, rather a lot of illusionism that will transform Berlin into a sort of David Copperfield of robberies.

The new story is set in the character’s fuzzy past before he joins the Professor. In short, we will see a new cycle of his life, centred on his best part, on his excellent and emotional side , says Pedro Alonso of the character he has been dealing with for years.

The villain of the story will be divided between libertine adventures and deep emotions, fully representing the philosophy of Jean Jacques, according to which every man is born good and just, and if he becomes unjust, the cause is to be found in the society that corrupts the original state of purity.

New adventures are about to arrive, change is in the air, and for those who know how to wait, there is a beautiful arrival: next year, on Netflix.

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