Bertín Osborne’s son Carlos “Learning values” in a strict military camp now

Bertín Osborne

Bertín Osborne’s son spends his summer vacations in this camp for 600 euros a week

This year Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez , to everyone’s surprise, decided to separate.

After the confinement, the then couple began to see several differences between them that became unsustainable.

Before ending up angry and hating each other, they believed that the best decision was to separate.

They put an end to a love story of almost two decades.

Right now both are single and united by their children.

Precisely, Fabiola and Bertín Osborne have decided to take their son to a camp so that he learns discipline.

“I have my son in a camp. He needs a little discipline , “said the businesswoman a few weeks ago.

Then no more information was given about the place chosen for the young man to spend his summer vacations this year.

It was the father of the young man, Bertín Osborne, who has given details about this military camp in which Carlos learns values ​​and discipline.

It is located in Navacerrada, in the Madrid mountains, and is taught by veterans of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard , professional soldiers with many years of experience in the military, and qualified monitors.

This camp is not a game, nor a place to have fun.

The Mediaset presenter published a photograph with the young man on social networks where he could be seen dressed in military uniform.

Both pose next to a Spanish flag.

“Learning values” , writes a proud Bertín Osborne.

Both the presenter and the designer agreed on this decision.

Bertín Osborne’s son Carlos “Learning values” in a strict military camp

The objectives of the El Gran Capitan Civic-Military Camp are clear.

“We will teach young people not only aspects of the Armed Forces, but also ways, forms and education within the barracks and in civilian life.

We will teach them practical and basic notions of law , so that they know the rules of the game in society” They specify on their website.

During these weeks Carlos and the rest of his companions live on the Santa María de los Almorchones farm , with an area of ​​42 hectares, in a protected natural park.

They all sleep in rooms with bunk beds.

Separate rooms for men and women.

Toilets and showers also separated by gender.

Regarding sports facilities, they have an outdoor swimming pool, climbing wall, zip line, soccer field and American track.

This camp has a cost of 600 euros per week.

Several activities are carried out, all of them adapted to each person and their physical conditions.

Although it seems like a very hard camp, it is not really like that.

They themselves say that “the boys and girls will not do exercises that are inappropriate for their physical condition , that create excessive risks, or that are especially strenuous. We are not in an operational unit of the army and we firmly believe in waking them up to reality and encouraging teamwork and camaraderie. They will perform services typical of a barracks-military training academy, with the necessary nuances, but they will do it. They will sew , wash their clothes , sweep , watch the sleep of their companions and they will learn to belong and owe someone more than themselves”.

Special care and interest is placed on education, personal cleanliness and correctness in dealing with colleagues and superiors.

They are given classes on civil, constitutional and criminal law and are taught the rights and duties of the citizen and how to exercise them.

As well as a first aid course.

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