Blanco’s new tattoos, dedicated to mum Paola and dad Giovanni


Blanco’s body is always waiting for the next emotion to be made memorable and eternal. His’s bond with parents is indissoluble, that he decided to engrave it, forever, on his skin.

Blanco called Papa Giovanni on stage in Rome, defining him without hesitation: “one of the most important people in my life.”

In Milan, on the last date of his Blu Celeste Tour, immediately after giving everyone goosebumps with Chills, it was Mom Paola’s turn to take the audience’s applause and feel infinite pride for what her Ricky is managed to build at just 19 years old.

Blanco shared captures of Concert on Instagram

Blanco’s affection with parents

Blanco’s bond with his parents is indissoluble, so much so that the singer, born in 2003, has decided to engrave it, forever, on his skin.

With two tattoos that add to his large collection, Blanco paid homage to those who “always believed in him” and supported him from the first day he embarked on the beautiful adventure.

Blanco shared Video of Concert on Instagram

Blanco fans who know his tattoo map by heart immediately noticed two novelties that appeared on his arms.

Two massive tattoos that cannot go unnoticed, also because Blanchito Babe likes to be shirtless most of the time.

On the left arm is the face of father Giovanni Fabbriconi, which ends with 1960, his year of birth, on his hand.

The mirror on the right side is the portrait of mother Paola, always with the year that this time is 1965.

To create them, the tattoo artist Mattia Bretti, born and raised in Rome, specialized in paintings on skin with the stylized “black and gray” technique that works at Soho Ink in New York.

For him, a hit and run on Lake Garda, as told on his Instagram, to tattoo his “young brother.”

Instagram post shared by the younger brother of Blanco

For Blanco, tattoos are a tribute to people who have had a special place in his heart. On the back is the writing “Innamorato,” made in April 2022 during a trip to New York (and also made by Mattia), dedicated to his girlfriend, Martina Valdes.

And then “Celeste” is written in large letters on the abdomen, a reference to the inspiration of his debut album: two wings with the C also appear in the upper part of the back, where it then appears along the spine in the year 1955.

Perhaps the most famous is the angel with the crown of thorns engraved on his chest with his year of birth underneath.

“The angel represents me fully. He’s a clean, good, benevolent figure and ultimately I’m that, a good guy. The crown of thorns on his head instead of the halo represents the more rotten side of me,” the young man told Hey Jude, explaining its meaning.

And then, the cross under the left ear, “I’ve lost the battle,” imprinted on the right forearm, the word “Ocean” on the neck, a snake on a bed of roses on the upper arm left, and a tribal on the right flank.

Blanco’s body is a work in progress, waiting for the next emotion to be made memorable and eternal.


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