Brad Pitt is clear with whom he does not want to work in Hollywood

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has some co-workers he hates

Brad Pitt has always defined himself as a lonely person with very few friends.

However, this has not been an impediment for him to have managed to create a great and very close friendship with some of his co-stars.

Likewise, the actor is also very clear with whom he does not want to work on any project in Hollywood , and so that none is overlooked, Pitt has decided to create his own blacklist where he has vetoed some celebrities that are not to his liking and with which that he is not willing to share on a film set.

This information has been revealed by his partner in the movie ‘Bullet Train‘, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, in an interview with ‘Variety‘ magazine.

“When you work with so many actors, and after a while, you start taking notes like, ‘I’m definitely not going to work with this person ever again.’ Brad has two lists, one good and one bad,” Taylor-Johnson said.

The actor assured that “he just wants to bring light and joy to the world and be surrounded by people who are there to have a good time”, so he immediately discards all those people who have bad energy.

Although Taylor-Johnson didn’t want to stir up controversy by revealing the names of celebrities Brad Pitt has blacklisted him, he has given the names of some actors who are on Pitt’s ‘good list’.

Among them is Sandra Bullock , his co-star in ‘Bullet Train.’. “Sandy is an old friend. She is an uncompromising person that she could ask for favors over the years and I have done it many times and she is always there, ”said the actor in the interview.

Furthermore, he also added that the young actress Joey King also won Pitt’s heart.

Surprisingly, one of the actors/singers who has earned Brad Pitt’s respect in recent months has been Bad Bunny, with whom we have seen him interact in a very friendly way on the red carpet of ‘Bullet Train’ .

In addition, he himself has indicated that it was really incredible to work with the Puerto Rican. “Bad Bunny…he goes for it all, he doesn’t second-guess things! (…) When he throws me into the sea and stabs me on the scene, he did not think about it at all, everything was very realistic! ”, Brad Pitt told in an interview.

Also, he pointed out that the filming of this movie was quite fun. “That’s how the scenes are designed. They are very funny and like the rest of the cast, we all enjoy them and I think that is what stands out the most, ”he added.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt | LivNews24

Two very famous actors could be on Brad Pitt’s blacklist

Although no names of the celebrities with whom Brad Pitt would not work were revealed, it has been speculated that some of them could be: Tom Cruise, with whom he ended up on very bad terms after the filming of ‘Interview with the Vampire’, and Harrison Ford, with whom he has not worked since 1997 when they filmed “Intimate Enemy.”

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