Britney Spears : Being emotional after the statements of her son Jayden

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears while talking about her childhood said, “They were my joy. They were my everything. I can’t wait to see them. They were what I lived for. And then all of a sudden they left, and I thought: “Oh my God, has my heart stopped beating?”

After the statements made by one of her two children, Britney Spears is back to talk about the relationship with Jayden and Sean Preston, born from the relationship between the singer of “Baby one more time” and her ex-husband Kevin Federline, with whom now live the two boys adolescents.

Within a series of audio files published in the past few hours on Instagram by Britney Spears, the 40-year-old pop star today entered the Billboard Hot 100 together with Elton John with the song “Hold Me Closer,” revealed that she was emotionally devastated by the statements of the second son Jayden, who told 60 minutes Australia that he is not in contact with his mother, who neither he nor his brother has seen her for several months.

“Since they left, I’ve felt like a huge part of me was dead. I no longer have a purpose,” Britney said in her outburst on her social media, where she opened up like never before about her estrangement from her children.

the “Toxic” star, also talking about the modification of the Jayden sharing agreement and Sean with Kevin Federline who, in September 2019, went from 50 to 70% of custody.

Britney Spears’ talks about her childhood

“People don’t remember what happened before because they’ve always focused on the negative, but since they were 6 to 9, I’ve always had them at 70%,” says Spears, saddened that all her past efforts have been forgotten. In an instant, even by his children.

“I don’t understand how they could have cut me out of their lives so easily,” continued the Ops I did it again artist before recalling the years spent under the tutelage of father Jamie Spears.

“I’ve always been told that the only one who can fix your heart is the one who broke it, to go to the source. But it will never happen because I pray for it to burn in hell,” said the pop star, also revealing that she attended the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous under the control of dad Jamie.

“I felt like they were trying to kill me,” continued Britney Spears, aware that her desire to be heard stems from too many years of silence imposed on her in the past.

“They say to my kids that ‘She’s not good enough, she wants attention,’ and, yes, I want to be heard, and I’m angry,” confirms Spears before sending a love message to Jayden and Sean: “All I know is that my love for my children is greater than anything else and I am sorry if I have hurt you in any way.”


Age of Britney Spears :

40 years of Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981.

Britney Spears on instagram:

Britney Spears is off to Instagram after uploading the teaser of her new song “Hold me closer” her Instagram account.

Britney Spears’ husband:

Sam Asghari (2022) is Britney’s husband, earlier she married Kevin Federline (2004–2007), and Jason Allen Alexander (2004–2004).

Songs of Britney Spears:

Here is the list offew songs by Britney; Baby One More Time (1998), Sometimes (1999), Born to Make You Happy (1999), Oops!… I Did It Again (2000),Lucky (2000), Stronger (2000), Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know (2001), I’m a Slave 4 U (2001), Overprotected (2001), I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll (2002), Boys (2002), Me Against the Music (2003), Toxic (2004), Do Somethin’ (2005), Gimme More (2007), Break the Ice (2008), Circus (2008), If U Seek Amy (2009), Hold It Against Me (2011), Ooh La La (2013), Pretty Girls (2015), Slumber Party (2016), Mood Ring (2020), Matches (2020)

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