Britney Spears won’t perform live again : “I’m traumatized”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears performing-2016

Britney Spears after returning to the scene alongside Elton John with “Hold me closer”, the pop star said she doesn’t want to go back to performing live.

Since she returned to freedom by interrupting her father’s legal protection, Britney Spears has had to face several problems going from the accusations of her family via social media to the words spoken against her by her ex-husband Kevin Federline, up to the statements released by one of the children of “Baby one more time” singer Jayden, who said he hadn’t had any contact with his mother for several months.

Difficult situations to deal with that are putting a strain on Britney, who recently returned to the scene alongside Elton John with the song “Hold me closer.”

Despite her comeback, the former pop queen has announced that she has no intention of returning to perform live as she is still strongly traumatized by the alterations she had to face in the recent past, during the 13 years of her father’s conservatorship Jamie Spears.

Britney Spears talks about her traumatized situation

Britney Spears said she felt very uncomfortable both for the way she handled her image in the past as well as for the professionalism of the dancers and “professionals” who were her were joined (and defined by the pop star as: “The most offensive people on the planet”) during his 4-year residency in Las Vegas, which ended in 2017.

“It’s only been ten months since the end of the legal guardianship, and I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone! It is extremely difficult for me to accept that my family did such a thing to me, and it will be difficult for me for the rest of my life; I pray you both burn in hell,” Britney Spears wrote, stating that his parents, so like the members of all the staff, they could have retouched the photos of her last tour, which she found embarrassing due to her health condition.

Seeing herself again today in some old performances has led the “Toxic” artist to feel so insecure about herself that she makes the decision not to go back to perform live, and this despite her fans clamoring for her to kick off to a new world tour that takes her around the world, along with her music of course.

“I’m shocked enough and pissed off that I don’t think I’ll ever perform again in the future; I’m a stubborn person when I want,” Britney Spears explained, more than convinced that her live dimension no longer belongs to her.

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