Britney Spears would be at Disagreement with Federline’s children: “They decided not to see her”

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Galeotte would have been the wedding of Sam Asghari, that the two children of the singer of “Toxic” [Britney Spears] would not have approved

Britney Spears ‘ private life continues to be discussed. After the mutual accusations that the singer of ” Baby one more time ” and her father Jamie Spears (her legal guardian for 13 years) have launched, today to point the finger at Britney is the ex-husband Kevin Federline from whom the pop star 40-year-old had two children : Sean Preston and Jayden James.

According to what was reported by the former dancer, in fact, the two children of Britney Spears would have decided not to participate in their mother’s wedding with Sam Asghari due to the too hot photos that the singer of ” Toxic ” continues to publish on her Instagram account, where she shows herself often without veils .

An attitude that the two boys would not have liked, at least according to what Federline reported to the Dailymail .

“The boys have decided not to see her right now,” said the Britney Spears : “It’s been a few months since they met her and they decided not to go to her wedding.

They were happy for her, but they preferred not to be there “, continued Britney Spears’ ex -husband, suggesting that the pop star’s two sons did not really appreciate her recent wedding with Asghari (in which Madonna , Selena Gomez also took part and Paris Hilton).

«I had to apologize to my children for the consequences that certain shots could have in their lives.

I try to explain to them, “Look, maybe that’s just another way your mother tries to express herself.”

But that doesn’t take away the fact that she continues to post those images.

It’s hard. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a teenager who has to go to high school after all this, ”she continued the 44-year-old before concluding with a peremptory:“ It was tough. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. “

Words those of Federline that have deeply touched the singer of ” Womanizer ” who, in the past few hours, has responded in kind to the former partner with a message published via social media.

Britney Spears ‘ private life continues to be discussed

“It saddens me to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children,” began Britney Spears on Instagram : “As we all know, growing up as teenagers is never easy for anyone.

I am worried that the problem was born because of my Instagram, even if in reality it all started a long time before “, continued the singer who should soon return to the scene alongside Elton John with a new version of” Tiny dancer ” .

“I gave everything I had to my two children. Only one thing: it is painful “, the singer concluded, promptly supported by her new husband Sam:” To be clear, my wife has never posted a photo without clothes in which you could see everything.

The pictures she put up of her show nothing more than what can be seen today in advertisements for a bubble bath or her body creams.

There is no validity regarding Kevin’s statements about the distances taken from the boys and it is irresponsible for him to do them publicly, ”wrote Sam Asghari on his Instagram account .

“The boys are very intelligent and will soon be 18 years old and will be able to make their decisions freely, perhaps understanding that the ‘difficult’ part of their life is having a father who has never acted as a role model for all children. last 15 years.

My wife will stop being Kevin’s goose that lays golden eggs soon, and that probably explains the timing of her hurtful statements.

Britney Spears
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I don’t know him personally and I have nothing against him other than blaming my wife, ”continued Asghari who, until now, had always remained silent about Spears ‘ family diatribes .

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