Finance: Loans are becoming more expensive in 2022 – what to do now?

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The Essentials in Brief
•	Inflation is rising in many countries. Central banks react by raising interest rates.
•	Some banks are already planning the rate hike in their offers.
•	That’s why a loan comparison is all the more worthwhile now.

Finance: Inflation hangs like a dark cloud over the global economy. 

Because of the pandemic, governments have greatly increased their debt and central banks have continued to pursue aggressive monetary policies. 

This is now taking its revenge, because inflation rates are rising rapidly worldwide.

Even if the national rate of inflation in Switzerland reached only 2.9 per-cent in May 2022,

even this already means a considerable increase compared to the years before.

After dramatic selloff Stocks end higher

In many countries, it has even reached a historic record high in recent months,

which will ultimately lead to the end of the low-interest phase.

In order to counteract inflation, the central banks plan to raise the key interest rate in the near future. 

And this change in monetary policy not only affects states and financial institutions, but also you:

Because what may please savers on the one hand can lead to frustration on the other hand due to increasingly expensive lending rates.

Act now and quickly secure low interest rates on loans

Chances are you’ll be digging deeper for new loans and mortgages soon. 

So don’t hesitate too long if you are planning to buy your own home or make a major purchase, for example.

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 With LEND you can now secure a cheap loan from 3.5 per-cent – and if you refinance , “Better interest for you or 250 francs in hand” even applies until the end of June. 

Banks and other credit providers, some of which are already charging interest rates of over 9 percent, are comparatively expensive.

Some of them are already raising their borrowing rates as a premature reaction to the upcoming changes, which is burdening inflation-plagued customers with further costs.

Compare loan offers and save money

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