Camilla: Koh I Noor, cursed diamond on crown of Queen

Camilla: Koh I Noor

Camilla, like the queen mother before her, on May 6, 2023, when she is crowned with Charles, should show off a diamond with a controversial and bloody history on her crown. But alternatives are already being sought.

On May 6, 2023, Charles III and his wife Camilla will be formally crowned at Westminster Abbey.

The details of this mammoth event have yet to be disclosed. Still, it is thought that it will be a watershed moment for the British royal family, which will kick off a new, more modern, and future-oriented era with the solemn ceremony.

While discussing how the ceremony will be – King Charles wants it to be slimmer, shorter, with fewer guests – a significant doubt has arisen among royal historians and chroniclers about the crown with which Camilla will be crowned immediately after the solemn rite, which will be the protagonist Carlo.

Camilla: Mystery of Koh I Noor

Suppose the sovereign traditionally wears the crown of St. Edward, the same one that accompanied Queen Elizabeth on her last journey to Windsor Castle, where she now rests.

In that case, there is significant controversy regarding the jewel of his queen consort, which, according to the last coronation ceremony of Elizabeth I in 1953, should be the crown of Mary of Teck (grandmother of Elizabeth II).

On the crown, since 1901, there has been an enormous and very precious diamond called Koh-i-Noor: 105 carats of magnificence, around which thousands of smaller and equally precious diamonds shine.

However, the history of this diamond is controversial and intertwined with that bloody and terrible colonial past from which the British monarchy struggled to free itself.

During Queen Elizabeth’s mourning period, the recent protests against the empire’s conquests at the expense of entire populations of developing countries, not least India, say that the shame of that historical period is still too searing.

And that diamond, with its ancient history (its extraction dates back to 1300), which seems to have been given to Queen Victoria in 1849 by the then emperor Duleep Singh, reflects too brilliantly an era of oppression.

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That jewel, set in 1911 in a diamond crown used to crown Mary of Teck, was transferred to that of the queen’s mother in 1937.

And, on May 6, 2023, it should arrive on the head of the new queen consort, Camilla.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it known, from the pages of the Telegraph, that wearing that diamond would mean re-circulating never-dormant memories of that period that the whole country is still trying to forget.

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The knot of the crown that Camilla will wear that day has yet to be untied: it is thought that Carlo does not want to stain his big day, as well as his nascent kingdom, in the sign of that past so cumbersome for the United Kingdom and that therefore, together with his entourage, will find an alternative solution, equally precious and symbolic, to crown his queen.

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