Can a funny meme Instagram account become a TV series Now ?


This is about to happen to the viral page My Therapist Says , launched in 2015

By now there are Instagram pages that collect tweets, the reels turn into TikTok videos and vice versa, the newspapers comment on the Ig stories of the stars and the live shows on Twitch become podcasts. 

We, to this total mix of media , we got used to it, only Facebook remains out of the game, perhaps. 

Too “boomer” to fit into the vortex. 

Now, however, there is someone who would like to take it to the next level: 

TV series from an Instagram page. But is it possible?

The page in question is My Therapist Says , 7.6 million followers , nothing to say. 

But it is still a Instagram meme page, it remains a mystery how it will turn into a television product, usually at most the opposite happens . 

This was announced by The Hollywood Reporter : apparently the finance and production company, Artists for Artists, by Kenan Thompson and John Ryan Jr. will co-finance the series and produce it together with the founders of the page. 

My Therapist Sayswas launched in 2015 by Nicole Argiris and her sisters Lola, Gina and Nora Tash. 

It seems that every time they exchanged advice between friends the phrase “Well, my therapist said .

” came up and that’s where the name of the account was born. Otherwise, the girls tried to express their Millennial discomforts through memes. 

Now the page is a container of decidedly relatable situations : financial problems, professional dissatisfaction, online dating, bad habits that the new generations know well.

The page was so successful that several satellite accounts were born such as My Bestie Says , My Puppy Says , My Reality Says . 

In addition, the account has developed partnerships with brands such as Gucci, Valentino and Met Gala. 

In 2020, Lola Tash even co-wrote an account-based book, My Therapist Says: Tips You Should (Not) Follow . 

The TV series seems to be just another piece to fuel the fame of what is now a real brand. 

“Kenan and I were big fans and followers of My Therapist Says before we even met Lola,” said Artists for Artists co-founder and CEO John Ryan Jr.. ” My Therapist Sayscreate pop trends and classy memes that we all need right now. 

We can’t wait to bring this incredible and influential brand to the television audience .

” For now not much is known about the result, it will all be in the hands of the founders of the page “Lola and Nicole have a unique and hilarious perspective in which people from all over the world have revisited,” said Kenan Thompson. The welcome”.

Could it be a sign that the “old media” such as television or newspapers, without social media, no longer know what to invent? 

In reality , it is not even the first time that a social page has been brought to TV . 

In 2010, the Twitter profile Shit My Dad Says , created by Justin Halpern, was purchased and transformed into a television series produced by Warner Bros and aired on CBS . 

It was a total flop, though: canceled after the first season.

Maybe we weren’t ready then, maybe this time it will get better or maybe the memes are simply destined to remain in our feeds to scroll through before going to sleep, useful for making fun of reality, but also TV.

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